Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set: Transform Your Minis into Legendary Warriors

Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set: Your Blueprint for Blue Brilliance!

Hey there, future masters of the Crimson Fists! Ready to transform those gray plastic warriors into the embodiment of Rynn’s World’s finest? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a paint-splattered journey that’ll make even Pedro Kantor proud!

First things first, let’s arm ourselves with the essential war paints. Here’s your must-have list:

  1. Kantor Blue
  2. Mephiston Red
  3. Alaitoc Blue
  4. Hoeth Blue
  5. Leadbelcher
  6. Retributor Armour
  7. Nuln Oil
  8. Agrax Earthshade
  9. Abaddon Black (for undercoating and details)
  10. White Scar (for extreme highlights and eye lenses)

Got your arsenal ready? Fantastic! Now, let’s dive deeper into the world of the Crimson Fists and turn those gray marines into the pride of the Imperium!

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The Crimson Fists Color Scheme: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Alright, paint pots assembled! But before you start slapping that Kantor Blue everywhere (tempting, I know), let’s break down why these colors aren’t just rad – they’re packed with meaning.

Blue: Not Just Another Pretty Hue

That Kantor Blue isn’t just easy on the eyes. It’s the color of loyalty, honor, and looking absolutely badass while purging xenos. When you’re layering this on, imagine you’re coating your marines in pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

This deep, rich blue is like the nighttime sky, if the sky was made of ceramite armor and could punch Orks.

The Iconic Red Fist: More Than a Fashion Statement

Now, onto that Mephiston Red. This isn’t just for that sweet, sweet left gauntlet (or both, if you’re feeling spicy). It represents the blood they’re willing to spill for the Emperor. Deep, right?

Also, it looks killer on the tabletop. When you’re painting that fist, channel all the righteous fury of a Space Marine about to introduce an Ork to the concept of high-velocity knuckle sandwiches.

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Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set: Painting Tips from a Caffeine-Fueled Hobbyist

The Two-Thin-Coats Tango

First rule of Paint Club: Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. It’s like building a fortress – layer by layer, you’ll create an impenetrable (and smooth) surface of awesome. Trust me, your future self will thank you when those details pop!

Think of it as constructing armor – you wouldn’t slap on one thick, clumsy plate, would you? No, you’d carefully layer thin, strong sheets. Same principle, but with less ceramite and more pigment.

Edge Highlighting: Making Your Marines Pop

Want your Fists to stand out? Edge highlighting is your new best friend. Use Alaitoc Blue for a first pass, then Hoeth Blue for those extreme edges. Just try not to highlight your fingers instead. Blue nails might be trendy, but explaining it at work? That’s a whole other battle.

Remember, you’re not just painting miniatures – you’re bringing tiny space warriors to life. Each highlight is like a glint of determination in their microscopic eyes.

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Shading: The Secret Sauce

Now, let’s talk about liquid talent – I mean, shades. Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade are your secret weapons. They’re like the special effects team for your miniatures, adding depth, grime, and that lived-in look. Because in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only… well, grime. And lots of it.

Don’t be shy with these – let them flow into the recesses and create shadows. It’s like giving your marines an instant backstory of countless battles.

Crimson Fists Symbol

Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set: The Legendary Tale of the Crimson Fists

Now that we’ve covered the paint, let’s talk about why these blue badasses are worth every drop of paint and sanity you’ll spend on them. Strap in, because this is where it gets good!

Born from the Fist, Forged in Fire

Picture this: It’s the 31st millennium, and someone decides the Imperial Fists needed a cooler, bluer cousin. Enter the Crimson Fists – the Space Marine equivalent of the rebel who never quite grew out of their punk phase, but in a totally awesome way.

They took the best parts of their Imperial Fists heritage – stubbornness, martial prowess, and a fondness for fortifications – and added their own flair. It’s like they looked at the galaxy and said, “You know what this needs? More blue. And red fists. Definitely red fists.”

Rynn’s World: Where “Oops” Became Legend

Fast forward to 989.M41. The Fists are chillin’ on Rynn’s World, probably comparing fist sizes or something equally macho, when suddenly – WAAAGH! Orks everywhere! Green tide incoming!

And because the universe has a twisted sense of humor, their own defense missile misfires and blows up their fortress-monastery. Talk about a bad hair day! It’s like ordering a pizza and having it delivered to your face at Mach 2.

But did they give up? Heck no! Led by the absolute unit Pedro Kantor, they fought back harder than a Squig with a toothache. It’s like they looked at the galaxy and said, “Is that all you got?”

Now that’s the kind of spirit you want to capture in your painting! Every brush stroke is a defiant stand against the odds. Every highlight is a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Every carefully painted bolt on their armor is a middle finger to the forces trying to wipe them out.

Pedro Kantor: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Speaking of Pedro Kantor, let’s take a moment to appreciate this walking tank of a man. Chapter Master, survivor extraordinaire, and owner of the galaxy’s most impressive frown.

When you’re painting your Crimson Fists, channel a bit of Kantor’s indomitable spirit. Imagine him standing over your shoulder, nodding approvingly as you carefully edge highlight those pauldrons.

Just don’t imagine him too vividly, or you might feel compelled to punch the nearest Ork. (Note: We at do not condone punching random green individuals. Unless they’re actually Orks. Then go nuts.)

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Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set: Advanced Techniques for the Ambitious Painter

Alright, you’ve got the basics down. Your Crimson Fists are blue, their fists are red, and they look ready to purge some xenos. But why stop there? Let’s kick it up a notch!

Battle Damage: Because Perfect is Boring

Your Crimson Fists have seen some stuff, man. Show it! A carefully placed chip here, a scratch there – it all adds character. Use your Leadbelcher to create the illusion of scraped paint, revealing the metal beneath. Then, highlight the upper edges of these “chips” with your edge highlight color. It’s like giving your marines battle scars, but without the awkward questions from the Apothecary.

Object Source Lighting (OSL): Playing with Fire (or Plasma)

Feeling brave? Try your hand at OSL. This technique simulates light emanating from a source on the model – like a plasma gun or a particularly angry eye lens. Start by painting the light source (let’s say, a vibrant blue for plasma), then gradually blend that color outwards, getting lighter and more diffuse.

It’s like your marine is holding a tiny, deadly rave. Just be prepared for your other minis to get jealous and demand their own light shows.

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FAQ: Because We Know You’re Curious

Q: Can I paint both fists red? I’m feeling rebellious.

A: Technically, it’s for veterans. But you know what? Your mini, your rules. Just be ready for the “well, actually” crowd at your local game store. Maybe invent a backstory – “This marine high-fived Kantor so hard, the red rubbed off!”

Q: How do I freehand the Chapter badge without losing my mind?

A: Start with transfers, work up to freehand, and remember – even Chapter Master Kantor probably messed up a few times. Probably. Practice on spare bits or even paper before tackling your precious marines.

And if all else fails, just say it’s a “stylized interpretation” and dare anyone to question your artistic vision.

Q: Is it okay to use non-GW paints? Will the Inquisition come for me?

A: Mix and match to your heart’s content! The paint police aren’t real (we think). Just don’t mix the actual paints unless you’re feeling particularly chaotic that day.

And if the Inquisition does show up, just show them your beautifully painted Crimson Fists. They’ll be so impressed, they might even let you keep your kneecaps.

Q: How do I avoid spilling Nuln Oil?

A: Ah, the eternal question. Some say it’s impossible, that spilling Nuln Oil is a rite of passage in the hobby.

Others swear by elaborate contraptions involving rubber bands and a small shrine to Duncan Rhodes. My advice? Accept that it will happen, and when it does, use it as an opportunity to weather your entire painting area. Boom! Now your desk matches your gritty, battle-worn Crimson Fists.

Crimson Fists Paint Starter Set

Go Forth and Conquer the Paint Pots!

There you have it, battle-brothers and sisters! Everything you need in a Crimson Fists paint starter set, plus a healthy dose of lore and questionable advice. Now get out there and paint those Fists! Remember, the Emperor protects, but a good paint job really seals the deal.

With every brush stroke, you’re not just painting miniatures – you’re continuing the legacy of Rynn’s World’s finest. You’re bringing to life the defiance, the honor, and the sheer badassery of the Crimson Fists. And who knows? Maybe somewhere in the vast expanse of the galaxy, Pedro Kantor is looking down (or up, or sideways – warp travel is confusing) and nodding approvingly at your efforts.

So prime those minis, thin those paints, and let’s show the galaxy what the Crimson Fists are made of! (Spoiler: It’s mostly ceramite and pure awesomeness.)

P.S. Don’t forget to check out and our YouTube channel for more hobby madness. We’ve got tutorials, lore deep-dives, and maybe a montage of spilled Nuln Oil. Because nothing says “one of us” like watching someone baptize their desk in liquid shadow for the umpteenth time!

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