Crimson Fists: Stalwart Defenders of the Imperium

Crimson Fists Symbol

Crimson Fists: Stalwart Defenders of the Imperium

The Crimson Fists are a celebrated Codex-compliant Space Marine Chapter, stalwart defenders of the Imperium of Man who have fought with valor and distinction for over ten millennia.

As Second Founding successors of the Imperial Fists Legion, the Crimson Fists uphold the legacy of their Primarch Rogal Dorn. Renowned for their heroic last stands and their expertise in battling Orks, the Crimson Fists have time and again shown that they would rather die fighting than accept defeat.

¬†Crimson Fists have always stood out as exemplars of the very best of the Space Marines – nobly serving the Emperor’s will with grim resolve and unshakeable loyalty no matter the odds.

Key Takeaways:

  • Second Founding successors of the Imperial Fists
  • Specialize in combating Orks
  • Homeworld is Rynn’s World
  • Suffered devastating losses, now rebuilding with Primaris Marines
  • Renowned for their tenacity, heroism and unshakeable resolve

Proud Origins and Early Campaigns

The Crimson Fists were founded in the 31st Millennium after the Horus Heresy, when the Imperial Fists Legion was split up during the Second Founding. Rogal Dorn initially resisted breaking up his Legion but eventually acquiesced to avoid further strife.

The most recently initiated Imperial Fists became the Crimson Fists under the leadership of their first Chapter Master Alexis Polux, a legendary hero of the Legion.

Their name derives from an Imperial Fists ritual in which recruits would cut their palms and share blood with Rogal Dorn in a warrior’s handshake, forming a powerful bond.

The crimson gauntlet became the Chapter’s icon, a symbol of their martial prowess and iron resolve.

For their first nine millennia, the Crimson Fists operated as a crusading fleet-based Chapter. Some of their most notable early actions included:

  • Cleansing the Urolak System of Eldar Exodites
  • Purging the Scythians of HR8518
  • The Crusade of Righteous Liberation, recapturing worlds lost after the Age of Apostasy. This was their most legendary campaign but reduced them to a mere 128 Marines.
  • The Voltigern Crusade against Orks in the Loki Sector

As a reward for the Voltigern Crusade, the Crimson Fists were granted the fiefdom of Rynn’s World, which would become their homeworld and the site of their fortress-monastery, forever changing the course of the Chapter’s history.


The Darkest Hour – Invasion of Rynn’s World

Tragedy struck in 989.M41 when the Orks of WAAAGH! Snagrod invaded Rynn’s World, seeking vengeance after the Crimson Fists’ actions on their world of Badlanding.

This invasion was the greatest trial the Chapter has ever faced. The Orks attacked with overwhelming numbers and ferocity.

Disaster compounded when the Crimson Fists’ own missile defenses malfunctioned and destroyed their fortress-monastery. Over 600 battle-brothers were killed in an instant, leaving just over a dozen survivors including Chapter Master Pedro Kantor.

In total, only about 400 Crimson Fists remained on Rynn’s World.

Bloodied but unbroken, the remaining Crimson Fists fell back to New Rynn City. Kantor and his brothers were faced with a stark choice – mount a defiant last stand, or withdraw to preserve the Chapter and fight on as guerrilla forces.

With a heavy heart, Kantor chose the wiser strategic path, vowing that the Crimson Fists would endure.

For 18 months, the Orks besieged New Rynn City. The Crimson Fists held out heroically against overwhelming odds until Imperial reinforcements finally arrived to break the siege.

Still, the Chapter was left on the brink of extinction, reduced to around a hundred Marines. It is a testament to their resilience and unshakeable dedication that the Crimson Fists began the slow process of rebuilding rather than fading into history.

A New Dawn – Indomitus Crusade and Primaris Reinforcements

With the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum and the onset of Warp Storms, Rynn’s World faced annihilation once more – this time from legions of Daemons.

The Crimson Fists manned the defenses of New Rynn City, preparing to sell their lives dearly to defend their home.

Salvation arrived in the form of Roboute Guilliman and the Indomitus Crusade. The forces of the Imperium broke the Daemonic legions assailing Rynn’s World. Most crucially for the Crimson Fists, the Indomitus Crusade brought with it a new generation of Primaris Space Marines bearing the colors of the Chapter.

These new warriors, inheritors of the Primarch’s genius, have given the Crimson Fists a future – a chance to rebuild to their former glory and beyond.

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor has begun to integrate the Primaris brethren into the Crimson Fists, imparting to them the Chapter’s ways and traditions, while harnessing their potential.

With these reinforcements, the Crimson Fists have begun to take the fight to the enemies of the Imperium once more.


Notable Chapter Members

The Crimson Fists have seen many legendary heroes rise from their ranks over their long and storied history. A few of their most renowned champions include:

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor – Known as the Lord Hellblade, Pedro Kantor is the current Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists and a living legend.

His leadership and tactical genius saved the Chapter from extinction during the Battle for Rynn’s World. Kantor wields Dorn’s Arrow, a master-crafted storm bolter that once belonged to Rogal Dorn himself.

Captain Alessio Cortez – Former Captain of the 4th Company, Cortez was renowned for his apparent invulnerability, enduring wounds that should have been fatal.

He was presumed lost in battle against Dark Eldar raiders, but many within the Chapter believe he still lives and fights on.

Veteran Sergeant Huron Grimm – A grizzled veteran of centuries of battle, Grimm serves as Kantor’s second and commands the Crusade Company. His experience and stone-cold leadership make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

High Chaplain Marqol Tomasi – The Crimson Fists’ Reclusiarch and Keeper of the Faith, Tomasi embodies the Chapter’s unswerving devotion to duty and sacrifice.

He is a powerful orator and spiritual guide to the battle-brothers.

Ancient Amentus – One of the first Chaplains of the Crimson Fists after their founding, Amentus wielded the relic Crozius Arcanum Traitor’s Bane, which survived the fall of the Chapter’s fortress-monastery.

These are but a few of the heroes that have shaped the Crimson Fists’ legacy. In the heat of battle, their names are rallying cries for their brothers, a reminder to always stand firm in the face of the enemy.

Chapter Appearance

The Crimson Fists are instantly recognizable by their deep blue power armor, crimson gauntlets and bold heraldry.

Their Chapter icon is a direct descendant of the Imperial Fists’, a crimson clenched fist, the color serving as a reminder of the blood-ritual of their founding and a symbol of their eternal promise to strike down the Emperor’s foes.

Battle-brothers’ armor is predominantly deep blue, a proud and regal color.

Upon induction into the Crusade Company, a battle-brother has the honor of painting both gauntlets crimson red, an homage to Rogal Dorn’s tradition of sharing his blood with new recruits.

Veterans of the Crusade Company are further distinguished by their crimson helmets, an outward sign of their experience and battle-honors. Crimson Fists Sergeants often have a crimson stripe painted down the center of their helmets.

The right pauldron proudly displays the Crimson Fists’ Chapter icon, while the left pauldron shows the Marine’s squad specialty – battleline, close support, fire support, Veteran or command – along with his squad number. Company numbers are not displayed, as every Crimson Fist is a battle-brother first, beholden to the entire Chapter over any individual company.

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Proud Traditions and Relics

The Crimson Fists proudly maintain the traditions of the Imperial Fists. Fittingly for sons of Rogal Dorn, they are masters of siegecraft, and experts at defensive warfare. Their tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds is legendary.

Like their parent Chapter, the Crimson Fists’ Chaplains maintain sacred relics that inspire their battle-brothers to ever greater deeds of valor:

  • The Scepter of the Sacred Blood – A scepter containing the blood of Rogal Dorn which miraculously liquifies on the Chapter’s holy days
  • Traitor’s Bane – An ancient Crozius Arcanum wielded by the Chapter’s first Chaplains
  • The bones and skulls of slain Ork chieftains and warlords

The Crimson Fists are also one of a handful of Chapters to maintain the tradition of the Emperor’s Champion. Before a battle, one exemplary battle-brother may be blessed with visions of the Emperor and don the Armour of Faith and the Black Sword, becoming a figure of inspiration for his brethren on the battlefield.


The Crimson Fists are a Codex-compliant Chapter and adhere to its tenets, with only a few minor variations in nomenclature and structure.

The Chapter has demonstrated its commitment to the Codex by participating in the Feast of Blades and by maintaining close ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The 1st Company is known as the Crusade Company and is always kept at a strength of 128 Marines in honour of the 128 survivors of the Crusade of Righteous Liberation. It is considered an ill omen for the Crusade Company to go into battle understrength.

The Chapter’s veterans are often seconded to the Deathwatch to put their skills and knowledge to use against the alien enemies of the Imperium. Countless Crimson Fists have served in the Jericho Reach to protect the Imperium from Hive Fleet Dagon.


Crimson Fists

Combat Doctrines and Reputation

The Crimson Fists train in all aspects of warfare as laid out in the Codex Astartes, but they are undoubtedly most renowned for their heroic defensive actions and their expertise in fighting Orks.

The Crimson Fists’ intimate knowledge of Greenskin tactics and physiology has been hard-won over millennia, at great cost. Time and again the Chapter has prevailed against the Orks, from the Voltigern Crusade to the invasion of Rynn’s World. Imperial commanders across the galaxy pray for the assistance of the Crimson Fists when a WAAAGH! threatens.

While best known for their defensive prowess, in keeping with Rogal Dorn’s lessons, the Crimson Fists are equally adept on the attack.

Since the arrival of Primaris reinforcements, Chapter Master Pedro Kantor has begun to deploy strike forces to assist Inquisitorial operations, Adeptus Mechanicus explorators, and Imperial Crusades – bringing the Emperor’s wrath to the foes of Mankind.

When the Crimson Fists march to war, their enemies face an implacable and disciplined foe, expert at every aspect of warfare, with a stubbornness and tenacity that has become legend across the Imperium.

They are the inheritors of Rogal Dorn’s legacy – stalwart, immovable, unbreakable. No matter the odds, the Crimson Fists always stand tall.

My fellow battle-brothers of the Crimson Fists, I salute you. You are exemplars of all that it means to be a Space Marine – noble, selfless, loyal, and defiant in the face of Mankind’s foes.

The Imperium needs heroes like you now more than ever before as the Galaxy is consumed by war.

March forth and bring the light of the Emperor to the lost and the damned. Remind them that so long as but one Crimson Fist still stands, there is hope for the Imperium.

They carry the legacy of Rogal Dorn and honored predecessors. The Emperor protects!


What type of Space Marine Chapter are the Crimson Fists?

The Crimson Fists are a Second Founding descendant Chapter of the Imperial Fists Legion formed after the Horus Heresy in the 31st Millennium.

What are the Crimson Fists most renowned for?

The Crimson Fists are most famous for their skill in defensive warfare, their stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds, and their expertise in fighting Orks.

What is the name of the Crimson Fists’ homeworld?

The Crimson Fists’ homeworld is Rynn’s World, granted to them for their service in the Voltigern Crusade.

What is the Crimson Fists’ most legendary battle?

The Crimson Fists’ darkest hour and greatest show of resilience was the Battle of Rynn’s World in 989.M41 against the Ork WAAAGH! Snagrod.

How did the Crimson Fists recover their numbers after the devastation of Rynn’s World?

The Crimson Fists received reinforcements of Primaris Space Marines during the Indomitus Crusade after Rynn’s World was invaded by Daemons in the 42nd Millennium.

The story of the Crimson Fists is one of resilience, sacrifice and resolve in the face of utter catastrophe and insurmountable odds. Time and again this noble Chapter has stared extinction in the face and refused to blink, refused to concede, refused to die.

Their legacy teaches us that so long as our will remains unbroken and our cause is righteous, we are never truly defeated. No matter how dark the night, the dawn will come again.

The Crimson Fists are a shining light of hope in a galaxy shrouded in darkness. In the grim darkness of the far future, we need heroes like the Crimson Fists – and so we shall remember their deeds and their sacrifice.

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