Ork Boyz: The Unstoppable Green Tide of Destruction!

Ork Boyz: The Backbone of the WAAAGH!

Oi, ya gitz! Listen up, ’cause I’m gonna tell ya all about the meanest, greenest, most killy ladz around – the Ork Boyz! These boyz are the backbone of any proppa Waaagh!, and they come in all sorts of flavors to suit any battlefield. So grab your choppa, put on your ‘eavy armor, and let’s get stuck in!

While Boyz share the same basic genetics, they come in a surprising variety of flavors to suit different battlefield roles and preferences. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the different types of Ork Boyz you might encounter, from the standard Slugga and Shoota Boyz to more specialized mobs like the ‘Ard Boyz and Warbikers. We’ll also touch on the various Oddboyz that support the Boyz with their unique skills. So grab your choppa, rev up your warbike, and join me as we explore the wonderful world of Ork Boyz!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ork Boyz are the backbone of Ork armies
  • Several types of Boyz: Slugga Boyz, Shoota Boyz, ‘Ard Boyz, Beast Snagga Boyz
  • Boyz can specialize in certain roles like Stikk Bommas, Warbikers, Flyboyz
  • Oddboyz are specialists like Mekboyz, Painboyz, Wildboyz, Weirdboyz

Types of Ork Boyz Slugga Boyz

Your standard Ork Boy is the Slugga Boy, armed with a choppa for hacking up enemies in melee and a slugga for blasting away at closer ranges. These ladz are the most common type of Boy and form the core of most Ork mobs. What they may lack in finesse, they more than make up for in sheer aggression and numbers.

I recall one time my Slugga Boyz mob got the jump on a squad of Space Marines – the look on their faces as 30 screaming Orks came barreling towards them, waving choppas and firing off sluggas wildly, was priceless! Slugga Boyz are just brutally fun to play with.

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Shoota Boyz

Some Boyz prefer the “shooty” side of things and will trade in their slugga and choppa for a shoota. These are your Shoota Boyz, providing some much-needed dakka at range to complement their melee-focused brethren. While Shoota Boyz are ostensibly firing their shootas at the enemy, it’s more about quantity than quality – they love nothing more than the feeling of the weapon kickin’ while unleashing a hail of bullets.

I usually like to include around 10-20 Shoota Boyz in a standard Boyz mob to give them a bit more tactical flexibility. You’d be surprised how handy it is to lay down some suppressing fire as your Slugga Boyz advance!

‘Ard Boyz

Ork veterans who’ve seen their fair share of scraps and lived to tell the tale can become ‘Ard Boyz. These grizzled warriors have managed to scavenge some extra bitz of scrap metal armor to turn into what Mekboyz call “‘Eavy Armor”. The end result is a suit of Ork armor that, while ugly as sin, can shrug off most small arms fire.

‘Ard Boyz are great for spearheading assaults since their extra armor lets them soak up a lot of damage on the approach. The downside is that since the armor is so prized, ‘Ard Boyz tend to be right struttin’ gits who love lording it over their fellow ladz. This leads to them being called “magnet ‘eads” behind their backs by annoyed mobs of regular Boyz.

Beast Snagga Boyz

Out in the wild places of the galaxy, on the savage Ork planets, you’ll find the Beast Snaggas. These Boyz have been out in the wilderness for so long that they’ve started to devolve back to a primal Orky state, eschewing the use of advanced weapons in favor of hunting down dangerous local beasts and monsters.

The Beast Snagga Boyz are the ones who do the actual “snaggin” of the beasts, usually on foot with their crude hunting weapons. Some of these Boyz, called Squighog Boyz, have managed to wrangle and tame the vicious Squighogs to use as cavalry mounts. A charging mob of Beast Snagga Boyz, whether on foot or riding their Squighog steeds, is a bellowing, hollering mass of primal Orky fury that can make even the hardiest enemies shake in their boots!

Specialized Mob Roles

On top of the standard Slugga and Shoota Boyz, you’ve got ladz who take on specialized roles within the mob:

  • Stikk Bommas: These gits carry stikkbombz with which to hurl at the enemy. They’re considered right clever for remembering which end to throw!
  • Tankbustas: A mob of loonies armed with heavy weapons designed for taking down enemy armor.
  • Burna Boyz: Orks armed with burnas – crude flamethrowers fueled by pressurized barrels of oil and gas.
  • Kommandos: The sneaky, tactical ladz of the mob who specialize in infiltration, sabotage, and ambushes.

Support Oddboyz

Even with all their aggression and fighting prowess, Boyz sometimes need the help of sneaky gits, psychic loonies, mad scientists, and engineers.

  • Weirdboyz: The Orks’ psykers channel their powers from the Waagh! energy generated by other nearby Orks, not directly from the Warp like humie psykers. The downside is that taking in too much Waagh! energy can cause their heads to explode…
  • Mekboyz: Ingenious engineers and mechanics who build and maintain Ork wargear and vehicles. Most mobs will have at least one Mekboy around to keep things running smoothly.
  • Painboyz: The deranged doctors of the Orks, who “fix up” injured Boyz with a combination of surgery, bionics, and sheer luck. Orks only go to the Dok when they’ve got no choice, since there’s a good chance they’ll wake up with the wrong limb replaced!

Speed Freeks

Speed Freeks are a subkulture of Orks utterly addicted to the sensation of speed. These gits band together into their own mobs so they can go as fast as possible – foot infantry just slows them down! Common Speed Freek mobs include:

  • Warbikers: Orks mounted on crudely-built but effective dakkabikes and warbikes. The bikes are loud, fast, and carry a lot of guns – what’s not to like?
  • Buggiez: Small, fast, open-topped vehicles designed to carry Boyz into battle as quick as possible.
  • Trukks: Flat-bed transports piled high with a mob of Boyz riding into battle. Great for getting that extra mobility.
  • Deffkoptas: Mini, Orky helicopters loaded with weapons. Fast, agile, and fun to fly, if a bit unreliable…


The Flyboyz are a similar concept to Speed Freeks except their need for speed takes to the air instead of the ground. Flyboyz tend to hang around with other pilots and the Meks who maintain their “aircraft”, since they’re a bit too unhinged for the rest of Ork society.

Still, being able to rain down death from above is a powerful ability, so most warbosses are happy to have Flyboyz around.

Ork Boyz


How tall are Ork Boyz on average?

Your typical Ork Boy stands about 2 meters tall, or 6 and a half feet, when fully upright.

What’s the difference between Slugga and Shoota Boyz?

Slugga Boyz carry choppas and sluggas as their main weapons and excel in melee, while Shoota Boyz prefer the dakka of their Shootas to do damage at range.

Why do ‘Ard Boyz have ‘Eavy Armor?

‘Eavy Armor is made from scavenged bits of scrap metal, which ‘Ard Boyz have earned the right to wear by surviving numerous battles. It makes them tougher and able to shrug off more damage.

What are Beast Snagga Boyz?

Beast Snagga Boyz are Orks, often from feral tribes, who specialize in hunting and taming the vicious beasts of their homeworlds. Some ride to battle atop Squighogs as a form of cavalry.

What do the Oddboyz do?

The Oddboyz are a group of specialists who provide critical support functions to the Boyz. Mekboyz build and maintain weapons and vehicles, while Painboyz perform crude battlefield surgery and medical services. The Weirdboyz are Ork psykers who channel the psychic energy of the Waaagh!


Without a doubt, Ork Boyz are the foundations upon which the Waaagh! is built. From the lowly snotlings up to the Warboss himself, being a Boy is about the highest station most Orks can aspire to – after all, what could be better than getting stuck in with your mates and krumping some gits in a proppa scrap?

Whether they’re providing the muscle as Slugga Boyz, laying down the dakka as Shoota Boyz, riding to battle on souped-up bikes or Squighogs, or even taking to the skies in rickety Ork aircraft, Ork Boyz are happiest when they’re in the thick of the fighting. To them, the battlefield is home, and there’s no greater joy than a good fight.

So the next time you see a tide of green rolling across the battlefield, take a moment to appreciate the sheer Orky exuberance and lust for life that each and every Ork Boy embodies. From the mightiest Nob to the lowliest grot, they’re all part of the great joy that is being an Ork. This has been your humble narrator at Warhammeruniverse.com – keep on Waaaghing, ladz!

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