The Emperor of Mankind: The Magnificent Savior of Humanity

The Emperor of Mankind: The Magnificent Savior of Humanity

In the 41st Millennium, the Imperium of Man is besieged on all sides by aliens, heretics, and the dark forces of Chaos. But one figure stands as a beacon of hope for humanity: The Emperor of Mankind.

This immortal being has watched over humanity for untold millennia, guiding our species through its darkest hours. But what secrets lie hidden in the Emperor’s past, and what does his future hold?

The Emperor of Mankind, also known as the God-Emperor or simply The Emperor, is the central figure of the Warhammer 40k universe. Ruling the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man from his Golden Throne on Terra, this enigmatic being is worshipped as a living god by trillions, even as his desiccated body slowly crumbles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enigmatic origins as both man and myth
  • Guided humanity’s development over millennia
  • Created the Primarchs and Space Marines
  • Betrayed by Horus, leading to galaxy-wide civil war
  • Mortally wounded in duel with Horus, interred on Golden Throne
  • Worshipped as a god by the Imperium of Man

Shrouded Origins

The Emperor’s origins are cloaked in myth and contradictory accounts. The most common version states that in Earth’s ancient past, a group of wise shamans foresaw the grave threats gathering in the Warp.

Knowing their souls would be devoured by these malign entities upon death, they elected to pool their psychic energy into a single, immensely powerful being – the New Man.

Through a mass ritual suicide, the shamans’ life forces coalesced in the warp and were reborn in a new, superhuman body in the 8th Millennium BCE somewhere in ancient Anatolia.

This child, born to mortal parents but imbued with fearsome psychic might, would grow in power and cunning to become the Emperor.

Other accounts paint the Emperor as a product of the Dark Age of Technology, a bio-engineered weapon or psychic construct from a forgotten age of science and sorcery. Some even whisper that he is of xenos origin, a claim that would be considered the basest heresy.

Whatever the truth of his origins, the Emperor’s power and genius are undeniable.

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The Immortal Guardian

For untold millennia, the Emperor guided and watched over humanity as we took our first tentative steps to the stars. Walking among mortals in countless guises, he acted as priest, prophet, and king, promoting the development of civilization and reason to counter the growing threat of Chaos.

Many of our species’ greatest triumphs and most horrific wars were shaped by his hand as he waged a hidden war for our future.

The Emperor knew that for humanity to survive, he would need to unite the squabbling factions of Earth and forge an empire capable of withstanding both material and immaterial dangers.

As the Age of Strife brought ruin and darkness, the Emperor emerged from obscurity and began his conquest of Terra. With genetically-engineered thunder warriors as his vanguard, he brought the techno-barbarians to heel, revealing himself as the pinnacle of human potential.

After uniting the homeworld, the Emperor secured a pact with Mars, paving the way for galactic domination.

The Great Crusade

To reclaim the lost colonies of man, the Emperor created the Primarchs, 20 superhuman sons from his own genetic template.

These god-like beings would command the newly-formed Space Marine Legions in the Great Crusade to reunite the galaxy under the banner of the secular Imperial Truth.

Though the Primarchs were scattered through the warp by the machinations of Chaos, the Emperor would recover them one by one, placing them at the head of their legions.

For two centuries the expeditionary fleets of the Imperium pushed back the night, until the galaxy burned with the light of the Emperor’s glory.

But such a rapid conquest bred resentment and corruption, weaknesses the Ruinous Powers would exploit to turn half the Emperor’s sons against him in the cataclysmic Horus Heresy.

Emperor 40k

Horus Heresy

The Emperor’s most brilliant and favored son, the Warmaster Horus, fell to Chaos after being manipulated and lied to by the Ruinous Powers. In a pivotal moment, Horus was mortally wounded by the Chaos-tainted blade Anathame.

Desperate to save his life, the Warmaster’s allies brought him to a Chaos temple on the feral world of Davin. There, Horus’ soul was cast into the warp, where the Chaos Gods showed him a grim future where the Emperor was worshipped as a god, the ideals of the Great Crusade forgotten.

Believing this false vision, Horus embraced the Ruinous Powers and vowed to overthrow his father.

In secret, Horus sowed dissent and corruption among his brother Primarchs, turning half of them to his cause. The resulting civil war, the Horus Heresy, split the galaxy in twain and saw brother fight brother as the traitor legions rampaged across Imperial space.

Horus instigated the Isstvan III Atrocity and the Dropsite Massacre of Isstvan V to eliminate loyalist elements in the traitor legions and deal a hammer blow to the Emperor’s forces.

Riven by the Heresy, the Imperium’s forces were unable to halt the traitor advance. Horus and his allies systematically crippled the Imperium, cutting off supply lines, destroying key installations, and opening a clear path to Terra.

The Siege of Terra

Horus’ forces finally reached the Sol System and the Emperor’s homeworld itself in the climactic Siege of Terra.

Legions of traitor Space Marines, joined by the corrupted titan legions of the Dark Mechanicum and hordes of daemons, assaulted the Imperial Palace in a titanic battle that decided the fate of the galaxy.

On the surface, Primarchs Rogal Dorn, Sanguinius and Jaghatai Khan commanded the loyalists in a desperate defense of the Emperor’s seat. Titanic god-machines clashed as Titans of the Legio Ignatum dueled the towering abominations of Horus’ allies. Space Marines fought tooth and nail for every inch of ground, turning the palace corridors and gardens into charnel houses.

In space, the Imperial Fists’ Phalanx dueled Horus’ flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, while uncounted thousands of starships unleashed planet-killing weaponry in a conflict that lit the void like a newborn star.

Despite the valor of the loyalist legions, the forces of Chaos slowly gained ground. Desperate to end the conflict before his losses mounted too high, Horus lowered the shields on his battle barge, the Vengeful Spirit, as an invitation for the Emperor to confront him.

Against the counsel of his advisors, the Emperor teleported to the traitor flagship with his Custodian Guard and Imperial Fists Terminators, as well as Primarch Sanguinius.

The Emperor of Mankind

The Emperor’s Duel

On the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit, the Emperor and his retinue were scattered through the ship by the malign influence of the Chaos Gods. The Custodes and Space Marines fought fanatically against the corrupted Space Marines and daemons infesting the flagship, buying time for the Emperor to reach Horus.

Sanguinius was the first to face the Warmaster, but was slain, unable to match the empowered Horus.

Finally, the Emperor confronted Horus, Power Sword against Lightning Claw, father against son. The Emperor held back at first, attempting to reach the small kernel of his favored son that might remain untainted.

He could not bring himself to slay his beloved child, even as Horus rained vicious blows upon him.

Finally, a lone Custodian Guard, Ollanius Pius, attempted to save the Emperor. Horus flayed Pius with a glance, and in that moment the Emperor realized how far his son had fallen – that the Horus he had known and loved was no more. Steeling himself to the terrible task, the Emperor unleashed the full might of his psychic power.

The resulting duel devastated the Vengeful Spirit, the two godlike beings trading blows that ended lives and shook the fabric of reality. Horus was mighty, swollen with the dark gifts of the Chaos Gods, but in the end, he was still only a Primarch, not the Emperor’s equal.

With a final blow, the Emperor slew Horus and obliterated his very soul, denying the Chaos Gods their champion. But the Emperor was nigh-mortally wounded, and only the swift arrival of Rogal Dorn allowed him to be interred upon the Golden Throne, his body broken but his spirit undiminished.

Though Horus was defeated, the Imperium was shattered, and would never recover its former glory. The Emperor’s greatest ambition, the Imperial Webway, was in ruins, and the Emperor himself could no longer lead his people directly.

The Heresy ended with Horus slain and the traitors driven into the Eye of Terror, but the cost was incalculable. The Age of the Imperium had begun.

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The God-Emperor

In the millennia since his ascension, the Cult Imperialis has deified the Emperor, worshipping him as an omniscient and all-powerful god. The Emperor’s guidance comes in the form of visions, dreams, and the Imperial Tarot.

His light shines through saints and his fury is made manifest in miracles. Countless pilgrims flock to Terra in the hopes of basking in his reflected glory.

But the Emperor’s mortal wounds are beyond even his prodigious psychic might to heal.

Each day, a thousand psykers are sacrificed to the Golden Throne so that his spirit might endure and continue to guide the Imperium through the Emperor’s Tarot and soul-binding of psykers.

Without the Emperor’s protection, Chaos and myriad xenos threats would have long since overrun the Imperium.

The Emperor of Mankind

An Uncertain Future

After ten thousand years, the Golden Throne is failing, and none, not even the greatest adepts of the Mechanicus, know how to repair it. Though the reborn Primarch Roboute Guilliman has instituted sweeping reforms, it may be too late to save the decaying Imperium from threats without and within.

Some say the Emperor’s mortal loss during the Heresy fractured his spirit, and that a shard of his power wanders the warp as the Star Child, waiting to be reborn.

Others whisper that the Emperor had children during his long sojourn among humanity, and these Sensei will one day reveal themselves. The Emperor’s true nature and ultimate fate remain the most closely guarded secrets of the Imperium.

To the faithful across the galaxy, the God-Emperor is the only light in a galaxy consumed by war, ignorance, and soulless cynicism. The promise of the Emperor’s protection is the one balm in the hellish existence of the 41st Millennium.

United in their worship of the Imperium of Man, humanity has endured horrors beyond imagining. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, but as long as the Emperor sits upon his Golden Throne, there is still hope.


Is the Emperor actually a god?

Divinity is a matter of faith, but the Emperor’s power is undeniable. Though he denied his own divinity in life, his spirit is venerated as a god by the Imperium.

How was the Emperor wounded?

The Emperor suffered mortal injuries while confronting his traitorous son Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit during the climactic Siege of Terra.

What does the Golden Throne do?

The Golden Throne is a massive life support system that sustains the Emperor’s wrecked body and magnifies his psychic power to protect the Imperium.

Why do the forces of Chaos hate the Emperor?

As anathema to Chaos, the Emperor represents humanity’s greatest hope of salvation from the depredations of the Dark Gods.

Will the Emperor ever return?

Various theories exist about the Emperor’s ultimate fate, but his return would likely herald the end of the Imperium as it currently exists. Only time will tell.


The Emperor of Mankind represents many things: humanity’s potential for greatness, the perils of unrestrained ambition, and the grim necessity of hard choices in hard times.

Guiding our species for millennia, the Emperor united squabbling mankind and built an Imperium that has endured for over one hundred centuries. But even his prodigious power and foresight could not prevent the tragedy of the Horus Heresy.

Sustained only by the arcane technologies of the Golden Throne and his own indomitable will, the Emperor’s fate is uncertain as the Imperium crumbles around him.

Will the Emperor rise to lead his species to psychic ascension, or is the Emperor’s flesh and humanity’s future damned to a slow death? Like so much else in the 41st Millennium, only war is certain.

The Emperor protects.

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