Eldar Farseer: The Powerful Aeldari Psyker and Seer of the Craftworlds

Eldar Farseer

Eldar Farseer: The Potent Aeldari Psyker and Seer of the Craftworlds

As an expert in Warhammer 40k lore and miniatures with over 20 years of experience, I have always been fascinated by the enigmatic and powerful Eldar Farseers. These Aeldari psykers are among the most respected and feared individuals in the galaxy, wielding immense psychic abilities and the power to shape the future of their craftworlds.

What is an Eldar Farseer?

A Farseer is the most potent form of Craftworld Aeldari psyker, having once been a Warlock but now forever lost upon the Path of the Seer, much like how Exarchs are eternally bound to the Path of the Warrior. Farseers can call upon a wide range of psychic skills, with divination and precognition being the most common.

The Path of the Seer

The Aeldari Paths are a system of very intense discipline that allows the Aeldari to focus their minds and avoid the temptations of excess that led to the Fall. Farseers find themselves  drawn to the Path of the Seer, almost magnetized by their psychic gifts and the need to guide their people through the uncertain future.

Becoming a Farseer requires extremely difficult training and experience, beginning with their time as Warlocks. As they progress down the Path of the Seer, they begin to use and harness their psychic abilities as they learn to interpret the complex skein of fate that surrounds the Aeldari race.

The Role of Farseers in Craftworld Society

Farseers play a crucial role in Aeldari society, using their wide array of psychic powers to peer into the many possibilities of the future and manipulate events to ensure the survival of their species in the wake of the Fall. A council of the most powerful Farseers generally governs each craftworld, making critical decisions based on their farseers visions.

Guiding the Craftworlds Through Precognition

Much of a Farseer’s time is spent in a trance-like state, their spirit walking the wraithbone core of the craftworld, directing psychic energy flow and exploring potential future paths. By figuring out the most beneficial courses of action, Farseers steer their craftworlds away from disaster and doom.

Preserving Aeldari Lives

With the Aeldari population dwindling, Farseers try to preserve every life possible. Their precognitive abilities allow them to foresee apocalyptic events and guide their people to safety. However, this has sometimes led to the Aeldari being viewed as fickle, weak and untrustworthy by other races, as their actions can seem sudden and without reason.

Runes of the Psyker

Farseers employ many different unique tools in their craft, such as psychically-sensitive wraithbone runes. These runes help in divination, allowing Farseers to interpret the complex threads of fate and identify the most beneficial paths for their people. The runes also serve as potent wards, protecting the Farseers from the dangers of the Warp.

By casting these runes and studying the patterns they form, Farseers can gain insight into the future and make moment defying decisions that will shape the destiny of their craftworld and the Aeldari race as a whole.

Farseer Battlefield

Farseers on the Battlefield

Although Farseers rarely engage in direct combat due to their crucial role in guiding the craftworlds, they will take to the battlefield in times of dire need. When they do, their psychic abilities make them formidable forces, dangerous to any foe and capable of turning the tide of battle.

Psychic Powers of Farseers

  • Doom: By peering deep into the threads of causality, Farseers can empower their allies’ blows strike true against a chosen foe, bypassing even the most stalwart defenses.
  • Guide: Farseers direct their allies’ actions through careful divination, allowing them to react with fantastic and somewhat otherworldly speed and precision.
  • Fortune: By manipulating the strands of destiny, Farseers twist fate in favor of their allies, improving their chances of survival and success.
  • Mind War: Farseers can unleash devastating psychic assaults, crushing the minds of their enemies with terrifying ease.
  • Eldritch Storm: In moments of desperation, Farseers can call upon the raw power of the Warp, unleashing destructive psychic tempests that can decimate entire enemy formations.

Farseer Wargear

In addition to their formidable psychic powers, Farseers are equipped with an array of specialized wargear that improves their abilities on the battlefield:

  • Witchblade: A potent force weapon that channels the Farseer’s psychic energy, allowing them to brutally strike down foes with devastating precision.
  • Shuriken Pistol: A small, graceful, and quick sidearm that fires deadly volleys of razor-sharp shuriken, providing the Farseer with a reliable ranged option.
  • Runes of Warding: Protective runes forged into the Farseer’s armor, offering an additional layer of defense against enemy attacks and psychic assaults.

The Fate of Aging Farseers

As Farseers grow older, their minds become more and more intertwined with the wraithbone of their craftworld. Eventually, their physical bodies become dormant, and they retreat to the Dome of Crystal Seers. Here, they undergo a slow and somewhat painful transformation, their bodies turning into psychically-reactive crystal. In this state, their spirits are freed to merge with the craftworld’s Infinity Circuit, preserved until the end of time.

Farseers and the Infinity Circuit

The Infinity Circuit is the repository of the Aeldari race’s collective knowledge and memories, a vast psychic network that reaches across the craftworlds. When a Farseer’s physical form begins to crystallize, their spirit enters into one with the Infinity Circuit, allowing their wisdom and experience to be accessed by future generations of Aeldari.

This process ensures that the Farseers’ guidance and insight are never truly lost, even as their bodies disappear into history.

Communion with Ancestral Spirits

One of the most incredible skills of Farseers is their capacity to speak with the spirits of the Infinity Circuit. By connecting into this vast repository of knowledge, Farseers can seek the counsel of their predecessors, drawing upon the wisdom of ages past to assist in the challenges of the present.

This connection to the ancestral spirits is a source of great relief and strength for Farseers, who often face the challenges of their responsibilities alone. By reaching out to those who have come before, they can find guidance and hope in even the darkest of times.

The Burden of Foresight

Despite the incredible power and influence that Farseers wield, their path is not an easy one. The weight of their visions and the consequences of their decisions can take a heavy toll on their psyche, as they constantly battle with the knowledge of what is to come.

Farseers must often make difficult choices, sacrificing the lives of individuals for the greater good of the craftworld. The responsibility of crafting the future of their people is a burden that few can bear, and it is not uncommon for Farseers to become isolated and withdrawn as a result.

Moreover, the Path of the Seer is a very lonely one, as Farseers are forever bound to their calling, unable to walk other Paths or pursue personal desires. The sacrifice they make for their people is a testament to their dedication and resilience.

Eldar Farseer

Notable Farseers

Throughout the history of the Aeldari, many Farseers have risen to prominence, their deeds and prophecies shaping the course of their race’s destiny. Some of the most notable Farseers include:

  • Eldrad Ulthran: One of the most powerful and influential Farseers, Eldrad has guided Craftworld Ulthwé through countless crises and played a pivotal role in shaping the galaxy’s events.
  • Taldeer: A skilled Farseer known for her strategic brilliance and ability to outmaneuver her foes on the battlefield.
  • Idranel: A venerable Farseer of Craftworld Biel-Tan, Idranel’s prophecies have long steered her people through troubled times.
  • Caerys: A young and ambitious Farseer of Craftworld Iyanden, Caerys has quickly risen through the ranks, proving herself as a capable leader and visionary.

Farseers in Warhammer 40,000 Gameplay

In the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game, Farseers are a powerful addition to any Aeldari army. With their very strong psychic abilities and leadership skills, they can greatly enhance the effectiveness of their allies on the battlefield.

Farseer Datasheet

  • Points Cost: A Farseer typically costs between 100-150 points, depending on their wargear and abilities.
  • Statline: Farseers have a strong statline, with a high Leadership and strong psychic potential. They are also relatively durable, with a good Toughness and multiple Wounds.
  • Wargear: As mentioned earlier, Farseers come equipped with a Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, and Runes of Warding. They may also take additional items, such as a Ghosthelm or Runes of Witnessing.
  • Abilities: Farseers have access to a wide range of psychic powers, including Smite, Doom, Guide, and Fortune. They can also use their leadership abilities to inspire nearby allies.

Tactics and Synergies

When incorporating a Farseer into your Aeldari army, consider the following tactics and synergies:

  • Use the Farseer’s psychic powers to support your key units, such as Wraithguard or Howling Banshees. Doom can make these units even more deadly in combat, while Fortune can keep them alive longer.
  • Position your Farseer near your army’s backline, where they can use their powers to affect multiple units while staying relatively safe from enemy fire.
  • Consider pairing your Farseer with a Warlock Conclave or Spiritseer to create a potent psychic core for your army.
  • Use the Farseer’s leadership abilities to keep your units in the fight, even when faced with daunting odds.

By mastering these tactics and synergies, you can unleash the full potential of your Farseer on the tabletop, leading your Aeldari army to victory in the name of your craftworld.


Eldar Farseers are truly remarkable individuals, wielding immense psychic power and shouldering the responsibility of guiding their people through an uncertain future. Their wisdom, foresight, and leadership make them invaluable assets to their craftworlds, both on and off the battlefield.

If you are looking for a more in-depth break down we recommend the Warhammer Wiki!

As a long-time enthusiast of Warhammer 40,000, I have always been captivated by the depth and complexity of these characters. Their stories and struggles serve as a testament to the rich lore and world-building that makes this hobby so engaging and rewarding.

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So, embrace the path of the Farseer, and join us on a journey through the vast and wondrous universe of Warhammer 40,000. Together, we can unravel the mysteries of the Aeldari and celebrate the enduring allure of this incredible hobby.

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