Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Unleash the Fury of the Blood God

Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Unleash the Fury of the Blood God


Are you ready to unleash the fury of Khorne on the battlefield? I’m thrilled to share my insights on some of the most impressive Chaos Daemons and World Eaters miniatures available from Games Workshop. These models are perfect for collectors and gamers looking to build a fearsome army dedicated to the Blood God.

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Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set

Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol Chaos Daemons

The Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Chaos Daemons boxed set is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to collect a Chaos Daemons army. This set includes 34 multipart plastic miniatures, providing you with approximately 25 Power Level’s worth of models – ideal for Combat Patrol-sized games.

Key Features:

  • 34 multipart plastic miniatures
  • Ideal for Combat Patrol-sized games
  • Models come with appropriate bases

A Closer Look at the Models

This boxed set contains a fantastic selection of Chaos Daemons miniatures, including:

1x Bloodmaster: A Khornate Bloodmaster leads a pack of ferocious Flesh Hounds, eager to spill blood for their master.

3x Bloodcrushers: Mounted atop mighty Juggernauts, these Bloodletters become even more fearsome as they charge into battle.

10x Flesh Hounds: Snarling Flesh Hounds, Khorne’s vicious daemonic beasts, hunt down and tear apart their master’s foes.

20x Bloodletters: These frenzied foot soldiers of Khorne wield vicious hellblades, ready to reap blood for their dark master.

With such a large selection of Khorne’s favored warriors to choose from, you can mix and match your army with some slight diversity in speed and tactics. The Bloodcrushers, in particular, are devastating on the charge, capable of destroying any enemy line they come into contact with.

The Bloodmaster and his pack of Flesh Hounds offer a fast and aggressive option for your army, allowing you to quickly close the distance with the enemy and tear into them with tooth and claw. Meanwhile, the Bloodletters form a solid core of frenzied fighters, ready to drown the enemy in a tide of blood and violence.

Together, these models provide a fantastic foundation for any Khorne Daemons army. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey into the realm of Chaos, this Combat Patrol set offers a great way to begin your collection and unleash the fury of the Blood God upon the tabletop!

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Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Warhammer 40k World Eaters: Khorne Berzerkers

The Khorne Berzerkers are the ultimate close combat specialists among the World Eaters Legion. These demonics warriors have been implanted with rage-inducing Butcher’s Nails, turning them into relentless battering rams on the battlefield.

Product Highlights:

  • Multipart plastic kit builds 10 Khorne Berzerkers
  • Equipped with Butcher’s Nails implants for increased fury
  • Fearsome models for any World Eaters army

Unleashing the Berzerkers

Each Khorne Berzerker is armed with a brutal chainaxe, capable of ripping through the thickest armor like a hot knife through butter. Several models also come with optional plasma pistols, providing the squad with a potent short-ranged firepower option.

The Berzerkers’ signature Butcher’s Nails implants send them into an uncontrollable frenzy in the heat of battle. As your Berzerkers carve a bloody path through the enemy ranks, they will only grow more powerful and furious with each fresh skull claimed for the Blood God.

I loved adding a squad of Khorne Berzerkers to my World Eaters collection. Their dynamic poses and detailed armor really capture the essence of these rage-fueled warriors. They definitely have a striking presence on the tabletop!

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Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Daemons of Khorne: Bloodthirster

The Daemons of Khorne Bloodthirster is a massive and to be honest, quite frightening, model that towers over other miniatures on the battlefield. This multi-part plastic kit allows you to build one of three specific types of Bloodthirster, each with its own unique weapons and head options.

Bloodthirster Variants:

  • Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury – armed with a massive axe and long whip
  • Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster – wields a wrathaxe and bloodflail
  • Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage – comes with different head and weapon options

A Monstrous Centerpiece Model

Standing nearly 8 inches tall, the Bloodthirster is an awe-inspiring centerpiece model for any Khorne Daemons army. Its intricate wings, armor panels, and rippling musculature are covered in the iconography of Khorne, from brazen runes to leering skulls.

In battle, the Bloodthirster is an unstoppable force of destruction. It can tear apart the enemy’s mightiest warriors with its colossal axe, whip, or flail, while its fiery gaze instills terror in all who dare to stand before it.

No matter which variant you choose, this model is absolutely packed with detail and character. The kit even includes options for different leg poses and armour panels to customize your Bloodthirster and make it uniquely your own.

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Khorne Warhammer 40k Starter Set: Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne

For the ultimate World Eaters centerpiece model, look no further than Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne. This multipart kit builds the monstrous Daemon Primarch himself, a legendary Lords of War choice to lead your World Eaters army.

Angron’s Arsenal:

  • Massive daemon sword for rending apart enemies
  • Colossal chainaxe to reap a bloody toll
  • 77 plastic components
  • Citadel 100mm Round Base included

The Eternal Master of the World Eaters

Angron was once the gladiator king of Nuceria, but after his ascension to daemonhood, he became an avatar of Khorne’s boundless rage. Now, he stands eternally at the head of the World Eaters Legion, leading them in an endless tide of carnage and slaughter.

This model captures Angron’s sheer size and intimidating presence. His daemonic visage is twisted in an expression of pure hatred, while his mighty weapons – a mammoth daemon sword and a brutal chainaxe – are poised to strike. Skulls and chains adorn his armor, marking him as Khorne’s chosen champion.

I’m in awe of the level of detail and characterization in this model. Angron towers over the battlefield, ready to tear apart anything in his path with his fearsome weaponry. He’s the perfect choice for anyone wanting a commanding centerpiece model for their World Eaters collection.

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Expand Your World Eaters and Chaos Daemons Collection

These models are just a small taste of the expansive range of World Eaters and Chaos Daemons miniatures available at Games Workshop and other retailers. I always recommend picking up the models that speak to you and your army’s playstyle.

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Final Thoughts

Collecting and gaming with Chaos Daemons and World Eaters models is an absolute blast. The models are bursting with character, and each one offers a satisfying challenge in terms of assembly and painting. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey in the Warhammer 40K universe, these models are sure to impress.

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I hope this article has provided you with some helpful insights and inspiration for your own collection. Remember, the Warhammer Universe team is always here to support you on your hobby journey. May the Blood God grant you victory in your battles to come!

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