World Eaters Starter Set: Embark on a Glorious 40k Crusade for Khorne

World Eaters Starter Set for Warhammer 40k: The Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Khorne Warlords

 If you’re looking to start or expand your World Eaters army, you’re in luck! Games Workshop has released a range of starter sets and expansions that will help you unleash the wrath of Khorne on the tabletop.

I’ll walk you through the essential components of a World Eaters starter set and share my insights on how to build a fearsome force worthy of the Blood God’s favor.

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Why Choose the World Eaters?

The World Eaters are not your typical Chaos Space Marines. Once loyal servants of the Emperor, they fell to the corrupting influence of Chaos during the Horus Heresy, becoming the most feared and savage of all the Traitor Legions. Led by their Primarch Angron, now a Daemon Prince of Khorne, the World Eaters live only to spill blood and claim skulls in the name of their dark master.

If you relish the idea of fielding an army of frenzied, blood-crazed berserkers who strike terror into the hearts of their enemies, the World Eaters are the perfect choice for you.

World Eaters Starter Set for Warhammer 40k


World Eaters Starter Set: Combat Patrol: World Eaters Starter Set

The foundation of any World Eaters army is the Combat Patrol: World Eaters starter set. This box contains everything you need to begin your bloody crusade:

  • 1x World Eaters Lord on Juggernaut (can alternatively be built as Lord Invocatus)
  • 10x Jakhals
  • 20x Khorne Berzerkers

With a total of 31 miniatures, this set provides a solid core for your World Eaters force.

Assembling and Painting Your World Eaters

All the miniatures in the Combat Patrol set are supplied unpainted and require assembly. I recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue for a strong bond and Citadel Colour paints to bring your World Eaters to life.

The iconic color scheme of the World Eaters is blood red and brass, symbolizing their devotion to Khorne.

You can add your own personal touches with different shades and trim colors to make your army stand out on the battlefield. Don’t forget to apply the included transfer sheet, which features a variety of Khornate symbols, skulls, and World Eaters Legion icons to add the finishing touches to your models.

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Expanding Your World Eaters Army

The Khorne Berzerkers are the heart and soul of the army – frenzied warriors who charge headlong into battle, hacking and slashing with their chainaxes until nothing remains but piles of bloody corpses.

The Jakhals are stimm-charged cultists who seek to emulate their Astartes masters, flooding enemy lines with disposable but dangerous fodder.

And leading them all is the World Eaters Lord, a fearsome champion of Khorne mounted atop a rampaging Juggernaut steed.

Once you’ve got your starter set built and painted, it’s time to add some elite units to really strike fear into your opponents. Here are some top picks to take your World Eaters to the next level:

World Eaters Starter Set

World Eaters Starter Set: Exalted Eightbound

These monstrously mutated fiends are the pinnacle of Khorne’s blessings. Each Eightbound is possessed by eight Khornate daemons vying for control, but the Exalted among them have achieved a dark apotheosis, their mortal souls merging with the daemons to create beings of pure, focused rage.

Armed with grinding chainfists and massive eviscerator chain weapons fused to their very flesh, the Exalted Eightbound carve through armour, vehicles and massed infantry with equal ease.

The Exalted Eightbound kit allows you to build three of these murderous Elite choices for your World Eaters army. You can also choose to build one as an Eightbound Champion, equipped with a pair of mutated chainfists or a deadly two-handed heavy chainglaive.

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World Eaters Starter Set: Khorne Berzerkers

You can never have too many Khorne Berzerkers! This kit allows you to build a full squad of 10 of these savage, iconic World Eaters warriors.

Each Berzerker comes loaded with brutal chainaxes or chainswords, bolt pistols, frag and krak grenades.

Detailed with grisly trophies and Khornate iconography, these models look as vicious as they play on the tabletop. Send them charging into the enemy ranks and watch your foes crumble beneath the whirling teeth of their chain weapons.

The kit includes a transfer sheet with over 200 decals to customize your Berzerkers. Mix and match Khornate runes, Legion icons and bloody eight-pointed stars to strike terror in the hearts of all who behold them.

World Eaters Starter Set: Jakhals

While the World Eaters Heretic Astartes are undoubtedly the stars of the show, every Chaos Lord needs a horde of fanatical cultists to throw into the meatgrinder of war.

Enter the Jakhals – stimm-fueled maniacs selected from the most bloodthirsty and savage followers of the Legion.

These cultists seek to emulate their transhuman masters in dedication and brutality, hurling themselves into battle with reckless abandon.

The Jakhals kit allows you to build 10 frenzied cultists armed with vicious chainblades and autopistols.

You can optionally build one as a hulking Dishonoured, a brute with a massive skullsmasher mace, another with an icon of Khorne to inspire his comrades, and a Pack Leader festooned with gory trophies of his foes.

With a variety of interchangeable heads, arms and weapons, you can ensure no two Jakhals look alike, even across a huge mob.

World Eaters Starter Set: The Daemon Primarch Himself, Angron

No World Eaters army would be complete without the legendary Daemon Primarch himself, Angron.

Towering over mortal warriors and even his fellow Daemon Primarchs, Angron is a being of pure fury and destruction, the ultimate exemplar of Khorne’s murderous creed.

The Angron kit allows you to build a stunningly detailed (and appropriately massive) model of this Lord of War choice. Armed with a colossal chainaxe and daemon-forged black blade, Angron strides into battle atop a scenic base strewn with the mangled corpses of his foes.

With his stylized Butcher’s Nails implants, intricate armour and daemonic visage, this centerpiece model is sure to draw all eyes to your army.

At a whopping 77 components, Angron is an ambitious project, but one that will reward you with easily the most impressive and terrifying model in your collection.

He’s an absolute beast on the tabletop too, capable of single-handedly wiping out swathes of enemy units with his Aura of Devastation and Berserk Rampage abilities.

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Playing the World Eaters on the Tabletop

The World Eaters are an army that rewards an aggressive, take-no-prisoners playstyle. Your units are built for speed and hitting power, eschewing ranged weapons in favor of getting up close and personal with the enemy.

Khorne Berzerkers and Exalted Eightbound should be your primary damage dealers, with Jakhals and other cultists acting as disposable screens and objective grabbers.

Use your World Eaters Lord to lead the charge and spur your troops to greater acts of violence with his aura abilities. And when things start to look grim, summon Angron himself to the field and watch your enemies quake in terror as the Red Angel carves a bloody path through their ranks!

Don’t neglect the objectives though – as tempting as it is to simply charge headlong into battle, you still need to play the mission to win the game. Use your fast-moving Jakhals to seize key objectives while your heavy hitters keep the enemy occupied.

With the right balance of tactical play and unbridled aggression, your World Eaters will soon be claiming skulls for Khorne’s throne!

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Starting a World Eaters army in Warhammer 40k can seem daunting at first, but with the Combat Patrol starter set and a few choice upgrades, you’ll soon be commanding a formidable force of blood-crazed killers.

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Remember, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows without end! So unleash your inner fury, embrace the madness of the Eightfold Path, and watch your enemies drown in a tide of their own blood. For the Hound of Khorne, for the Skull Throne, let the galaxy burn!

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