Best Starter Paint Sets for Warhammer: Make Your Miniatures Pop


Mixing Colors

Best Starter Paint Sets for Warhammer: Make Your Miniatures Pop

 Whether you’re new to the hobby or looking to expand your collection, choosing the right paints is critical for bringing your miniatures to life.  In this guide for the best starter paint sets, we’ll compare the features and value across beginner paint sets from leading hobby brands like Citadel, Army Painter, Vallejo, and Reaper.

We’ll also overview must-have tools, extras to consider, and tips for new painters.

Best Paints for Miniatures


Top Pick Overall: Citadel Warhammer 40k Paints + Tools Set

Includes 13 high-quality Citadel paints in versatile tones like Mephiston Red, Averland Sunset, and Leadbelcher to handle most color needs

Helpful tools like clippers, a mouldline remover, and starter brush take models from sprue to painted miniatures

Portable carry case neatly organizes everything

Affordably priced given the quality materials and useful extras

I particularly like the included Averland Sunset yellow – it offers fantastic coverage compared to others, making it easier to achieve bright, vibrant yellows without streakiness. And the mouldline removal tool is a must-have for cleaning up models prior to priming and painting.

While this Citadel set has everything you need get started, you may want to pickup a can of primer like Chaos Black separately. But with 13 versatile paints and essential tools, it’s a perfect launch pad for aspiring Warhammer painters.

Hobby Set


Best for Beginners on a Budget: Army Painter Hobby Paint Set

Includes 16 acrylic paints in useful tones like greens, browns, reds, metallics and washes

2 high-quality Army Painter brushes

Painting guide with tips and techniques

I especially like that Army Painter includes metallic and wash paints, which add depth and detail to miniatures. And while the included painting guide is basic, it does provide helpful advice for miniature painting newcomers.

The dropper bottles make mixing and dispensing paints easy without mess or waste too. So for less than $40, this bundle delivers everything a beginner needs to start painting Warhammer minis on a budget.

Mega Set




Best Splurge for Serious Hobbyists: Army Painter Mega Paint Set

60 paints spanning regular acrylics, metallics, washes, effects, and even inks

Standout inclusions like Strong Tone wash, Matt White, and Dragon Red

Less than 60 cents per paint

Mixing balls for consistently blended colors

While pricier than starter sets, the Mega Paint Set delivers extraordinary value at less than 60 cents per paint. And with the huge variety, you’ll likely never need to buy individual bottles again.

The Mega Paint Set also makes paint sessions more efficient by incorporating mixing balls so your colors stay consistently blended. For Warhammer painters ready to graduate beyond basics, this set unleashes next-level creativity.

Best Warhammer Paint Set

Best for Learning Core Skills: Reaper Learn to Paint Core Skills

11 Reaper paints in colors like Fair Highlight, Tanned Flesh, Brass, and Polished Silver

3 unpainted Bones miniatures to practice on

2 starter brushes – fine detail and base coating

80-page guidebook by award-winning artist Rhonda Bender covering fundamentals

I love how comprehensive this set is for mastering foundation skills on practice minis before tackling your expensive Warhammer models. Rhonda’s book walks through preparatory steps, base coating, blending, textures, metallics, figure finishing and more with step-by-step advice.

And the 11-piece paint set allows you to immediately apply those lessons across multiple colors. For a very reasonable price, the Reaper Learn to Paint package accelerates a beginner’s progression considerably compared to trial and error learning.


Choosing the Best Starter Paint Set for Your Needs

Complete newcomers will benefit most from basic color sets with around 12-16 versatile paints focused on core techniques. Intermediate hobbyists may want extras like washes, metallics or tools. And experts can pivot to expansive 50+ paint collections with advanced specialty tones.

If cost is critical, it’s okay to sacrifice some quality or variety initially – upgrade later as skills improve. Entry-level sets from Army Painter and Vallejo start under $40. Mid-range bundles from Citadel and Reaper offer more value at modest prices. Or indulge in pro sets from Army Painter and Scalecolor as an investment.

Casual painters content customizing a few Warhammer units are well served by starter sets under $75 focused on fundamentals. But hardcore hobbyists painting armies will want bigger color diversity with metallics, effects, washes etc. And specialist painters pursuing techniques like NMM need different mixtures.

Very – poor adhesion, streakiness, graininess and other issues can manifest if paint characteristics don’t match your style so test mediums first.

I suggest reviewing the highlights of my top recommendations above while keeping these factors in mind. Identify the brands and features most aligned to your current skill level, artistic ambitions and budgetary realities.


Best Starter Paint Sets for Warhammer

Frequently Asked Questions About Warhammer Paint Sets

Inexpensive craft paints can technically work but provide poor coverage requiring multiple coats. Their cheaper pigmentation also obscures fine details. For best results, use paints formulated specifically for miniatures instead.

Essential tones include blacks, whites, browns, primary colors, metallics like steel and gold, washes, flesh varieties, plus specialty shades aligned to your preferred Warhammer faction.

Ideally 12-16 total paints focused on fundamentals. Too few limits color mixing, but too many gets needlessly complex for beginners. Upgrade diversity after mastering core skills first.

Yes, faction-specific sets offer colors tailored if you mostly paint single game systems. But more generic ranges allow flexibility if widening scope later.

Very – poor adhesion, streakiness, graininess and other issues can manifest if paint characteristics don’t match your style so test mediums first.

I hope this guide gives you clarity in identifying the best starter paint set for your personal Warhammer painting needs and stage! Let the friendly team at Warhammer Universe know if you have any other questions – we are always happy to help new hobbyists get started. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel for helpful tutorial videos on using your new paint sets.


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