Tzeentch Starter Set: Build Your Thousand Sons Army to Victory

Tzeentch Starter Set: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Thousand Sons Army

Are you looking to start or expand your Thousand Sons army in Warhammer 40,000? Look no further than the Tzeentch Starter Set!

 we’ll dive deep into the Tzeentch Starter Set, exploring its contents, assembly tips, paint recommendations, and how it can elevate your Thousand Sons force on the tabletop, After reading you’ll have a rough idea of what your army can look like!

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What’s Included in the Tzeentch Starter Set?

Tzeentch Starter Set: Combat Patrol – Thousand Sons

Inside you’ll find:

  • A selection of Thousand Sons units ideal for starting or expanding an army
  • Plastic miniatures – Assembly and painting required – Paints and tools not included
  • This boxed set provides you with all the units you need to get started or build on an existing force

The Combat patrol starter set for Thousand Sons/Tzeentch is a fantastic starting point or expansion for any Thousand Sons army. This boxed set contains a carefully curated selection of units, providing you with a Combat Patrol-sized force (approximately 25 Power Level) right out of the box. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Rubric Marines: These implacable warriors, once proud Space Marines, are now living husks encased in baroque power armor. The kit includes 10 Rubric Marines armed with a choice of Inferno bolt guns or warp flamers, along with options for a soul reaper cannon, an Icon of Flame, and an Aspiring Sorcerer to lead the unit.
  2. Exalted Sorcerers: The twisted arcanists and masterminds of the Thousand Sons, Exalted Sorcerers bend reality to their will on the battlefield. This kit contains 3 Exalted Sorcerers armed with Inferno bolt pistols and force staves, with a wealth of customization options, including 6 different chest plates and 7 unique heads.
  3. Tzaangor: These mutated beastmen form the rank and file of the Thousand Sons armies, wielding savage blades and powerful sorcery. The Combat Patrol box includes 10 Tzaangor, with options for a Twistbray leader and a variety of close combat weapons.

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Tzeentch Starter Set: Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

Inside you’ll find the following:

  • Multi-part plastic kit containing all the parts necessary to assemble 10 Rubric Marines
  • Armed with either Inferno bolt guns or warp flamers
  • One model can be armed with a soul reaper cannon, one can carry an Icon of Flame
  • Another can be assembled as an Aspiring Sorcerer, who is armed with a force stave and either an Inferno bolt pistol or warp flame pistol
  • Supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases

The backbone of any Thousand Sons army, Rubric Marines are implacable warriors cursed to exist as living husks encased in baroque power armor. This kit includes 10 multi-part plastic Rubric Marines armed with either Inferno bolt guns or warp flamers. One model can wield a soul reaper cannon, another can carry an Icon of Flame, and one can be assembled as an Aspiring Sorcerer leading the unit.

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Tzeentch Starter Set: Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers

Inside you’ll find:

  • Multi-part plastic kit containing all the parts necessary to make 3 Exalted Sorcerers
  • Each armed with Inferno bolt pistols and force staves
  • Includes 6 different chest plates, 7 different heads, and a Disc of Tzeentch
  • Supplied with 3 32mm Round bases and 1 40mm Round base

Exalted Sorcerers are the twisted arcanists and masterminds behind the Thousand Sons’ sorcerous might. With an encyclopedic knowledge of spells, they bend reality to their will on the battlefield.

This kit contains 3 multi-part plastic Exalted Sorcerers, each armed with Inferno bolt pistols and force staves. You’ll find an array of components to customize your models, including 6 different chest plates and 7 unique heads.

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Tzeentch Starter Set: Flamers of Tzeentch

Inside you’ll find these bits:

  • Multi-part plastic kit containing components necessary to build 3 Flamers of Tzeentch
  • One model can be assembled as a Pyrocaster
  • Supplied with 3 Citadel 32mm Round bases

Bounding across the battlefield in a disturbing fashion, Flamers of Tzeentch unleash gouts of wyrdflame, the warpfire of Chaos itself. This kit includes 3 multi-part plastic Flamers, with one model able to be assembled as a Pyrocaster, a more potent spellcaster.

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Tzeentch Starter Set: Lord of Change / Kairos Fateweaver

The box contains the following:

  • Multi-part plastic kit containing the components necessary to assemble a Lord of Change
  • Can be modeled with enormous wings in 2 different positions and a choice of 3 different heads
  • Wields a staff of Tzeentch (with a choice of two different tops) or a baleful sword and Tzeentchian wand
  • Accompanied by 2 Brimstone Horrors, which can be added to the base
  • Supplied with a Citadel 100mm Round base
  • Can alternatively be used to assemble Kairos Fateweaver

The Lord of Change is the epitome of Tzeentch’s daemons, a towering figure shimmering with raw magic. This impressive model can serve as the centerpiece of your Tzeentchian force.

The kit is highly customizable, with options for different wing positions, head choices, and weapon loadouts. You can even assemble it as the named character, Kairos Fateweaver.

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How to Assemble Your Tzeentch Starter Set

While assembling your Tzeentch Starter Set may seem daunting at first, with proper planning and patience, you’ll have your models ready for the tabletop in no time. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Read the Instructions: Don’t rush into assembly without thoroughly reading the provided instructions. Familiarize yourself with the components and the order in which they should be assembled.
  2. Clean Your Models: Before assembling, carefully remove any mold lines or excess plastic using a hobby knife or file. This will ensure a cleaner final result.
  3. Test Fit: Dry fit the components before applying glue to ensure a proper fit and prevent misalignment.
  4. Use Proper Tools: Invest in quality clippers, hobby knives, and plastic glue to make your assembly process smoother and more precise.
  5. Take Your Time: Rushing the assembly process can lead to mistakes. Take breaks when needed and enjoy the journey of bringing your models to life.

Painting Your Tzeentch Starter Set

With your Tzeentch Starter Set assembled, it’s time to bring your models to life with paint! As a beginner, painting can seem intimidating, but with practice and patience, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Here are some tips and recommendations:

  1. Prime Your Models: Always prime your models before painting to ensure better paint adhesion and coverage. I recommend using a spray primer for a smooth, even finish.
  2. Choose Your Color Scheme: Tzeentch armies are known for their vibrant, otherworldly color schemes. Experiment with different shades of blue, purple, and pink, or follow the established color schemes of the Thousand Sons Legion.
  3. Invest in Quality Paints: Using high-quality acrylic paints, such as Citadel or Vallejo, will make a significant difference in your final results. Don’t forget to thin your paints for smooth application.
  4. Use Washes and Highlights: Applying washes and highlights can add depth and dimension to your models. Experiment with different techniques like drybrushing or edge highlighting to make your Thousand Sons stand out.
  5. Practice and Learn: Painting is a skill that improves with practice. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t meet your expectations. Seek out tutorials, join painting communities, and learn from others’ experiences.

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Taking Your Tzeentch Starter Set to the Tabletop

With your Tzeentch Starter Set assembled and painted, it’s time to unleash the might of the Thousand Sons on the tabletop! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new models:

Rubric Marines

Rubric Marines excel at holding objectives and laying down withering firepower. Position them in cover or behind line-of-sight blocking terrain to maximize their survivability. Use their Inferno bolt guns to cut down enemy infantry or warp flamers to scorch tightly packed foes.

Exalted Sorcerers

As the magical backbone of your army, Exalted Sorcerers provide critical buffs and psychic support. Keep them protected while using their vast array of spells to bolster your forces or cripple the enemy. Don’t forget to use their Inferno bolt pistols for extra firepower when needed.

Flamers of Tzeentch

Flamers of Tzeentch are ideal for harassing enemy units and forcing your opponent to make tough decisions. Their warpflame attacks ignore cover, making them effective against entrenched foes. Use them to flank the enemy or support your main battle line.

Lord of Change / Kairos Fateweaver

As the centerpiece of your army, the Lord of Change or Kairos Fateweaver is a formidable psyker and melee threat. Use its array of spells to buff your units, debuff the enemy, or summon additional Tzeentchian daemons. In close combat, its staff or sword can make short work of enemy characters or elite units.

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Tzeentch Starter Set: Conclusion

The Tzeentch Starter Set is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to collect a Thousand Sons army or expand an existing force. With its carefully curated selection of units, you’ll have everything you need to create a Combat Patrol-sized detachment right out of the box.

Remember, building and painting your models is just as much a part of the hobby as playing the game itself. Take your time, enjoy the process, and don’t be afraid to experiment or make mistakes. With practice and dedication, you’ll soon be fielding a stunning Thousand Sons army that will be the envy of your gaming group.

May Tzeentch’s ever-changing plans guide you to victory!

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