The Best Brushes for Painting Warhammer Miniatures 


The Best Brushes for Painting Warhammer Miniatures

As an avid Warhammer hobbyist and miniature painter with over 20 years of experience, I have tested countless paint brushes in my quest to find the perfect tools. In this huge guide, We will share our picks for the 10 best brushes for painting Warhammer miniatures and give some advice to help you make a better choice.

After looking at hundreds of brushes across price ranges, the clear winners are high-quality kolinsky sable hair brushes, these brushes tend to be some of the best. Mostly, I recommend the Artis Opus Series S as the best all-around brushes for most painters. For more delicate work, the Winsor & Newton Series 7 provides great detail at a premium price. Those on a budget should consider the very reliable and nice to use Army Painter Wargamer brushes.

Below are the top 10 brush recommendations with summaries of the key strengths of each. Throughout the article, We have given our opinion for tips on brush sizes, materials, testing quality, care, and preferred brushes for more difficult techniques. Our goal is to try to find you The Best Brushes for Painting Warhammer Miniatures, so read on! Below are the 10 brands we think are the best.

  1. Artis Opus Series S
  2. Winsor & Newton Series 7
  3. Army Painter Wargamer
  4. Rosemary & Co. Series 33
  5. Raphael 8404
  6. Da Vinci Maestro 10
  7. BrokenToad Mk3
  8. Citadel
  9. Monument Hobbies PRO Synthetic Set
  10. Artistik Miniature Set

Best Brushes for Painting Warhammer: How to Choose

As the saying goes “A brush cannot paint on its own.” Even the highest quality tools require skill and practice. However, beginning with not great brushes can severely hurt your potential and cause anger and frustration. I recommend avoiding cheap craft store variety packs and at least starting with mid-range options made more for miniature painting like Citadel or Army Painter.

Once you begin to get some skill and comfort with basic brushes, you should invest in premium kolinsky sable brushes to help with control. As replacing brushes gets expensive over years of painting, it pays to research and test options before buying first.

I suggest using these criteria when evaluating brushes:

Point – A sharp tip is critical for precision but it must withstand repeated wetting without losing shape. Test this by wetting and wiping new brushes and seeing if the point springs back.

Snap – The strength of the bristles to return to being straight with the handle after a stroke. This allows accurate and a much more predictable paint application.

Capacity – How much fluid can the belly of the brush retain before needing a refill? Wider brush bellies carry more but most likely will sacrifice detail.

Responsiveness – Bristles should be bendy and springy. They must flex to move paint smoothly yet quickly regain a more rigid stance for control.

Durability – Sable hair has the longest working lifespan but quality synthetics can last awhile. Test drive cheaper brushes first to build some technique before buying expensive ones.

Price – Sable runs $15-40 USD. Synthetics can be under $10. Remember cost per use over a brush’s working life, not just upfront cost.

This is the profile for our top 10 picks for best brushes when painting Warhammer starting with our overall winner.



  1. Artis Opus Series S

Simply put, the Artis Opus Series S brushes are absolute game changers. England-based Artis Opus collaborated with top miniature painters to design an “artist’s grade” sable brush range specifically for hobbyists.

Unsurprisingly, their incredibly well crafted triple-inspected Series S came out as my hands-down choice for the best all-purpose Warhammer brush after over a year of testing.

Why it’s the best:

  • Dense kolinsky sable tufts built for loading and tip control
  • Supreme snap, spring and point retention wet or dry
  • Gorgeous case with cleaning soap included
  • Available in sizes 0000 to 3 with round and flat configurations
  • Lifetime guarantee

Downsides are cost and animal hair ethics. But for $30 a brush, I enjoy the great performance with no fraying or loosening after countless battles with paints. For the premium experience, the Artis Opus Series S remains undefeated.

  1. Winsor & Newton Series 7

For decades, Winsor & Newton has been a well known brand amongst fine artists. Made in England since 1832, their Series 7 kolinsky sable brushes are made by expert British craftsmanship. Due to their popularity with Games Workshop ’Eavy Metal painters, the Series 7 earned a huge following in the miniatures world as well.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Renowned for high standards of construction and hair quality
  • Fantastic tip and snap maintain precision stroke after stroke
  • Vast range of sizes to build your ideal set

Cons are the premium cost and occasional loose strands around the ferrule. Still at $20+ per, Winsor & Newton provides amazing lifespan and detail that justifies the pricing for dedicated hobbyists. For a dependable all-around workhorse brush, few can match the Series 7.

  1. Army Painter Wargamer

Catering directly to tabletop gamers, Army Painter offers quality brushes at reasonable prices. Their triangular handles provide a unique comfortable grip that fans enjoy along with quirky names matching paint range colors. The brand hits a sweet spot between disposable hobby brushes and top-tier sables.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Designed specifically for gaming miniatures
  • Distinct handles allow superior control
  • Vibrant colors help organize brushes
  • Great starter set before investing in luxury sables

Some report Army Painter fray more rapidly than premium brands with the smallest brushes losing sharpness fastest. But at $8-15 each, the AP Wargamer makes an ideal starter brush if you are new to the hobby. Once you have an idea on on favorite sizes, you can upgrade to Artis Opus or Winsor & Newton versions. It’s not always finding the best brushes for painting Warhammer, but Army painter does a great job.


  1. Rosemary & Co. Series 33

A Prime example that premium performance need not require premium prices, UK art brush manufacturer Rosemary & Co. has line after line of good options starting around $7 a brush.

While Series 22 also gets some acclaim, I suggest starting with Series 33’s slightly shorter bristles for Warhammer work. Matching quality sables at half the cost.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Handmade ruby sable similar quality to luxury brands
  • Generous belly capacity even in fine tip sizes
  • Range spans broad and fine work sizes
  • Unbeatable value per brush

The thin wooden handles may feel flimsy to some. With patience they produce amazing Caspian sable brushes rivaling top companies for only a small part of the cost. For price-conscious buyers, try Rosemary & Co. Series 33 first.

  1. Raphael 8404

A relative newcomer compared to century-old brush legends, French art supply company Raphael has quickly built many fans with its kolinsky 8404. Many who have used both rate the 8404 over the Winsor & Newton 7 for its springy responsiveness and overall life span of the brush.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Praised combination of flow, capacity and tip control
  • Snappy bristles retain precise shape with less molding
  • Applicator friendly price around $20 each

Some report the 8404 holds less paint volume than other brushes. But at two-thirds the cost of the Winsor & Newton 7, the 8404 deserves some consideration as a top performer for value. For those perhaps unhappy with their Winsor & Newton results, 8404 provides an affordable alternative loved by many painters.

  1. Da Vinci Maestro 10

Used widely amongst artists for decades, Da Vinci’s Maestro 10 kolinsky sable series earned their amazing reputation through consistent performance brush after brush. Perfectly suited for watercolors, the Maestro 10 can adapt very quickly and beautifully to handle miniature acrylics.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Trusted Da Vinci quality assurance since 1928
  • Generous range of sizes for different applications
  • Point and snap keep fineness painting after painting

Some users wish for bigger paint capacity from the fine tip Maestro 10 models. But with over 15 sizes available, Da Vinci Maestro gives you top shelf quality across all of your needs. For a balance of quality and value around the $20 mark, go with a classic Da Vinci Maestro 10.


  1. BrokenToad Mk3

Founded by UK hobbyists tired of underwhelming existing brush options, BrokenToad launched a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to produce kolinsky sable brushes tailored specifically for miniatures work.

While a short hiatus had BrokenToad brushes unavailable for a period, the company seems to have fixed its internal issues and recently relaunched the improved Mk3 range to praise from fans.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Designed from the start for wargaming enthusiasts
  • Lengthy 9 month testing process to perfect performance
  • Unique miniature scale sizes not found elsewhere

As a newer player, BrokenToad Mk3 availability remains limited across the world. But customer response to the tested Mk3 confirms BrokenToad as an ascending hobby brush crafter with amazing potential if production comes back online successfully.

  1. Citadel

As the gateway into miniatures painting for countless hobbyists, Citadel brushes hold a special status for Warhammer fans even with some minor inconsistencies. Those wanting to try and replicate Games Workshop painter techniques will benefit from matching Citadel brush sizes. Citadel brushes are often considered the best brushes for painting Warhammer due to the reputation they hold amongst the communty.

The Artificer range made by Winsor & Newton offers a great premiere true sable option for three times the cost. But the standard synthetic and part-sable Citadel provide an amazing starting point before upgrading.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Huge part of GW painting guides and lore
  • Artificer series made by Winsor & Newton
  • Most affordable way to engage step-by-step tutorial content

Lacking the precision of fine sable brushes, ordinary Citadel brushes tend to fray rapidly limiting detail potential. But low cost and strong educational support from various influencers keep Citadel brushes popular amongst aspiring hobbyists.

  1. Monument Hobbies PRO Synthetic Set

Unleash your mind on the battlefield with Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Paints, the best choice for Warhammer 40k enthusiasts. Made with very durable pigments and a great acrylic medium, these brushes offer great coverage and a flawless finish, bringing your miniatures to life with as much detail as you would like.

Why It’s on the list:

  • Good price
  • Crafted for Miniature Painters
  • Price selection meets industry standards


  1. Artistik Carrying Case Brush Set

For painters often on-the-go, convenience is the most critical part. This Artistik set bundles 13 brushes spanning essential sizes 000 to 4 with a rotation lockable aluminum carrying case.

While Artistik bristles themselves may not match the best individual quality on the list, the overall value as a ready-made portable kit makes this much more desirable for those worried about transporting brushes.

Why it’s on the list:

  • Thirteen brushes in protective case
  • Spans all standard miniature sizes
  • Case allows easy organization between painting sessions

Bristles prone to splaying after repeated use compared to more expensive sable brushes. However the amazing flexibility for traveling artists makes the Artistik set a leading convenient solution for around $30.

Best Brushes for Painting Warhammer


Concluding Thoughts

I hope this guide gives you confidence to go beyond the basics and find brushes which truly are tailored to your unique painting style. Experiment with a few and learn your preferences before committing to any single brand or brush.

Remember that being consistent with your practice, paint mixing, lighting, and proper brush care equally impact your results as much as any one tool alone can.

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