Eldar Starter Set: Unleash the Legendary Might of the Aeldari Inside the 40k Universe!

Eldar Starter Set: Unleash the Might of the Aeldari Inside the 40k Universe!

Key Takeaways:

  • Aeldari starter sets offer a great way to begin or expand your army
  • Choose from a variety of units, including Guardians, Dark Reapers, and Autarchs
  • Customize your models with a wide range of options and accessories
  • Learn about the lore and background of the Aeldari race

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Introduction to the Aeldari

The Aeldari, also known as Craftworld Eldar, are an ancient and highly advanced race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Once the dominant power in the galaxy, their civilization collapsed due to their own hedonism and excess. Now, they sail the stars aboard massive vessels called Craftworlds, seeking to survive in a hostile galaxy.

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The Path of the Warrior

To avoid falling into the same decadence as their ancestors, the Aeldari follow a strict system of Paths, each one focusing on a specific aspect of their society. Those who walk the Path of the Warrior take up arms to defend their Craftworld, wielding a variety of deadly weapons and wargear.

Eldar Starter Set: Combat Patrol – Aeldari

The Combat Patrol: Aeldari set is the perfect starting point for any aspiring Aeldari commander. This box contains a well-rounded force that embodies the swift, deadly style of Aeldari warfare.

At the heart of the set is a Farseer, a powerful psychic leader who can guide your army with their prophetic visions and destructive psychic powers.

Backing them up is a mighty Wraithlord, an ancient construct that strides into battle with an array of heavy weapons, scything through infantry and vehicles alike.

What’s Included

This set includes a variety of units to form the core of your army:

  • 1x Farseer: A powerful psyker to lead your forces with their wisdom and precognitive abilities. The kit includes options for different heads and wargear.
  • 1x Wraithlord: A towering construct that provides heavy firepower and melee support. It can be armed with a variety of weapons such as a wraithcannon, shuriken cannon, or ghostglaive.
  • 6x Windriders: Swift jetbike units perfect for flanking maneuvers or objective grabbing. They can be equipped with shuriken catapults or scatter lasers.
  • 10x Guardians: The backbone of your army, these versatile troops can be built as either Guardian Defenders with shuriken catapults and a heavy weapon platform, or as Storm Guardians with melee weapons and a Serpent’s Scale platform for protection.
  • 2x Aeldari Transfer Sheets: Contains 369 decals for customizing your models with Craftworld emblems and other markings.

Building Your Force

With the models in this set, you have a lot of flexibility in how you build your force.

The Farseer is a powerful psyker who can guide your army with their wisdom and foresight, while the Wraithlord provides heavy firepower and close combat capabilities.

The Windriders are lightning-fast jetbikes that can quickly seize objectives or harass enemy units, and the Guardians form the backbone of your army as either long-ranged Guardian Defenders or melee-focused Storm Guardians.



Eldar Starter Set: Aeldari: Dark Reapers

When it comes to long-range firepower, few units can match the Dark Reapers. These somber warriors embody Khaine’s aspect as the Destroyer, and their deadly reaper launchers can tear through enemy squads with ease. The Aeldari: Dark Reapers kit allows you to build a unit of five of these lethal marksmen, including an Exarch who can be armed with a choice of heavy weapons.

This kit allows you to build a unit of 5 Dark Reapers, including:

  • 4x Dark Reapers: Armed with deadly reaper launchers, each model has a choice of helmeted or unhelmeted head.
  • 1x Dark Reaper Exarch: The unit leader, with options for a reaper launcher, shuriken cannon, Aeldari missile launcher, or tempest launcher. Includes 4 head variants and the option to hold a skull in their off-hand.
  • 1x Dark Reaper Shrine: A small scenic piece to represent the unit’s dedication to their Aspect Shrine.

In battle, the Dark Reapers excel at picking off high-value targets and thinning out heavily armored foes. Their reaper launchers can be loaded with starswarm missiles for dealing with hordes of infantry, or starshot missiles for punching through tough armor.

With their heavy armor anchoring them in place, the Dark Reapers can unleash their devastating payloads from the safety of cover, making them an invaluable asset to any Aeldari commander. Whether you’re facing down a tide of Orks or a phalanx of Space Marines, the Dark Reapers will make sure your enemies feel the wrath of Khaine.

Other Aspect Warriors

Other Aspect Warriors to consider include:

  • Howling Banshees: Swift melee fighters armed with power swords and shuriken pistols
  • Fire Dragons: Anti-tank specialists equipped with fusion guns
  • Striking Scorpions: Stealthy infiltrators with chainswords and mandiblasters
  • Swooping Hawks: Highly mobile troops with jump packs and lasblasters

Eldar Starter Set: Aeldari: Rangers

Rangers are the eyes and ears of the Aeldari warhost, scouting out the enemy’s movements and disrupting their plans with pinpoint fire from their long rifles. The Aeldari: Rangers kit builds three Shroud Runners – skilled marksmen mounted on swift jetbikes, perfect for racing ahead of your main force to secure key objectives or set up ambushes.

Aeldari: Rangers

This set includes 3 Shroud Runners, consisting of:

  • 3x Ranger Jetbikes: Each bike has options for different rider poses, with a choice of pilot and pillion rider arms. The pillion riders can be armed with Ranger long rifles or scatter lasers.
  • Heads: Includes 4 Ranger helmets, 3 unhelmeted male heads, and 2 unhelmeted female heads for customization.
  • Aeldari Transfer Sheet: Full of decals for adding Craftworld iconography to your models.

In addition to their trusty long rifles, the Shroud Runners can be armed with a range of special weapons like scatter lasers, allowing them to take on a variety of threats.

The kit includes plenty of customization options, with different poses for the riders and a choice of helmeted or unhelmeted heads to give your models a unique look.

Whether you use them to pick off enemy characters, score crucial objectives, or harry your opponent’s flanks, the Shroud Runners are a valuable addition to any Aeldari collection.

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Eldar Starter Set: Aeldari Guardians

Guardians form the backbone of the Aeldari warhost, citizens who have taken up arms to defend their Craftworld from the many threats of the galaxy. The Aeldari Guardians kit gives you everything you need to build a squad of ten Guardians, with the option to equip them as either Guardian Defenders or Storm Guardians.

Aeldari Guardians

This kit can build 10 Guardians with a heavy weapon support, either as:

  • Guardian Defenders: Armed with shuriken catapults and a weapon platform, which can be equipped with a bright lance, scatter laser, shuriken cannon, Aeldari missile launcher, or starcannon.
  • Storm Guardians: Equipped for close combat with Aeldari blades, chainswords, and shuriken pistols, plus special weapons like fusion guns and flamers. Includes a Serpent’s Scale platform for defense.
  • Spare Parts: The kit includes a variety of additional bits like Aeldari grenades, a Shuriken cannon, and extra Aeldari blades for further customization.

Guardian Defenders excel at laying down withering fields of shuriken fire from a distance, with their heavy weapon platform providing additional support. Storm Guardians, on the other hand, are expert close-quarters fighters who sweep in to finish off the enemy with blades and pistols.

The kit includes a variety of weapons such as bright lances, shuriken cannons, Aeldari missile launchers, fusion guns, and flamers, giving you plenty of options for customizing your squad to take on any foe. W

hether you field them as objective holders, as a mobile strike force, or as a part of a larger Guardian host, these valiant warriors will serve you well on the battlefield.

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HQ Choices

To lead your army, you’ll want a powerful HQ choice like an Autarch or Farseer or Avatar

Eldar Starter Set: Aeldari: Autarch

An Autarch is a commander who has walked the Path of the Warrior to its end, mastering the arts of war across multiple Aspect Shrines. As such, they are peerless leaders and strategists, capable of directing the Aeldari warhost with unparalleled skill. The Aeldari: Autarch kit allows you to build one of these formidable leaders, customized to reflect their unique blend of martial disciplines.

This kit builds a single Autarch, with a wide array of options to represent the different Aspect Warrior Paths they have mastered:

  • Weapons: Choice of a star glaive or Scorpion chainsword for melee, and a shuriken pistol, death spinner, Reaper launcher, or Dragon fusion gun for ranged combat.
  • Wargear: Options for a Howling Banshee mask, Warp Spider jump generator, and Swooping Hawk wings, plus a choice of Aspect Warrior-themed torsos, legs, and helmets.
  • Bits: Includes 2 variant heads, a backpack banner, and other spare components.

With a vast array of weapon options and wargear, you can create an Autarch that perfectly fits your army’s playstyle. Equip them with a star glaive and Howling Banshee mask to create a whirlwind of destruction in melee, or arm them with a Dragon fusion gun and Swooping Hawk wings to rain death from above.

The kit even includes a backpack banner, allowing your Autarch to inspire nearby troops with their presence. Whether you field them as a frontline fighter or a backfield coordinator, an Autarch is an invaluable asset to any Aeldari force.

Eldar Starter Set

Eldar Starter Set: Aeldari: Avatar of Khaine

Towering over the battlefield, wreathed in flames and wielding the Wailing Doom, the Avatar of Khaine is the embodiment of the Aeldari god of war. This ancient construct houses a burning shard of Khaine’s essence, and its mere presence on the battlefield can turn the tide of combat. The Aeldari: Avatar of Khaine kit allows you to build this mighty being, with a choice of heads and weapons to customize its appearance.

This massive kit contains everything needed to build the mighty Avatar of Khaine, including:

  • 3x Head Options: Choose from a classic helmet with plume, an ornate crested helm, or a bare head with flowing hair.
  • 3x Weapon Options: Arm your Avatar with either a colossal sword, a wicked axe, or an enormous spear, each one representing a different aspect of the Wailing Doom.
  • Scenic Base: The 80mm base features Aeldari ruins and can be further decorated with rubble, skulls, and other details to taste.

In battle, the Avatar is a nigh-unstoppable force, striding through enemy fire and cutting down foes with its massive blade. Its mere presence inspires the Aeldari warriors around it to greater heights of martial prowess, making them fight with the fury of Khaine himself.

The Avatar’s molten body is impervious to all but the heaviest of weapons, and its Wailing Doom can cleave through the thickest armor with ease. Unleashing an Avatar of Khaine upon your enemies is a surefire way to strike fear into their hearts and claim victory for your Craftworld.

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Building and Painting Your Aeldari

Once you’ve chosen your models, it’s time to build and paint them! I recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue for assembly, as it creates a strong bond specifically designed for Citadel miniatures.

When it comes to painting, the Aeldari offer a wide range of color schemes and possibilities. Each Craftworld has its own distinctive look, from the vibrant blues and yellows of Iyanden to the dark green and bone white of Biel-Tan. You can follow the traditional schemes or create your own custom colors.

I suggest using Citadel paints, as they are designed to work perfectly with Citadel miniatures. The Citadel Paint app is a great resource for finding color schemes and step-by-step painting guides.

We suggest looking at your Eldar Paint Beginner Set to get all the correct paints for your Miniatures.


Farseer Battlefield

Taking the Fight to the Tabletop

With your army built and painted, you’re ready to take them to the tabletop!

The Aeldari are a fast-paced, tactically flexible army that rewards clever play and careful positioning. Use your speed and mobility to outmaneuver your opponents, and unleash devastating psychic powers and firepower at the crucial moment.

The Aeldari also have some powerful stratagems and abilities that can turn the tide of battle, such as Battle Focus which allows them to shoot and then move in the Shooting phase. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your army’s unique rules and abilities to get the most out of them on the battlefield.


Q: What’s the best way to start an Aeldari army?

A: The Combat Patrol: Aeldari set is a great place to start, as it gives you a good mix of units to build a small army around.

Q: How many models are in a typical Aeldari army?

A: The number of models can vary depending on the size of the game, but a small Combat Patrol-sized army is usually around 15-25 models.

Q: What are some good HQ choices for an Aeldari army?

A: Farseers, Autarchs, and the Avatar of Khaine are all powerful HQ options that can support your army in different ways.

Q: What are Aspect Warriors?

A: Aspect Warriors are specialized Aeldari troops that embody different aspects of the War God Khaine, such as Dark Reapers, Howling Banshees, and Fire Dragons.

Q: Where can I learn more about Aeldari tactics and lore?

A: We reccomend heading over to the Lexicanum for more lore or Goonhammer for tactics


Building and collecting an Aeldari army is a fun and rewarding experience, offering endless customization options and a rich background of lore to draw from.

Whether you’re a new player just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your collection, there are plenty of great Aeldari models and units to choose from.

Happy collecting and may Khaine guide your blades to victory!

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