Elegoo Saturn S Review – A Better Miniature Print?

Elegoo Saturn S Review

 Elegoo Saturn S Review

The Elegoo Saturn S is the latest iteration of Elegoo’s popular Saturn large format resin 3D printer, incrementally improving upon its predecessor to deliver reliable, high quality prints.In this comprehensive guide from the passionate 3D printing enthusiasts at Warhammer Universe, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Saturn S – from an in-depth review of its features and print quality to tips on getting the most out of this workhorse machine. Plus, be sure to check out our Youtube channel for helpful tutorial videos.


Elegoo Saturn S Review: Overview

Launched in 2022 as an enhanced version of the game-changing original Elegoo Saturn, the creatively named Saturn S brings small but meaningful upgrades:

  • Slightly larger 9.1” mono LCD screen (up from 8.9”)
  • Marginally increased 192 x 120 x 200mm build volume to 196 x 122 x 210mm
  • Higher 4098 x 2560 LCD resolution for 48 micron XY resolution (improved from 50)
  • Integrated activated carbon air filter to reduce fumes
  • Redesigned gantry allows 10mm growth on the Z-axis
  • Boasts upgraded “FEP 2.0” resin vat film with extended lifespan

Retaining the Saturn’s beloved ease-of-use and reliability, the Saturn S enhances this winning formula just enough to maintain competitiveness in the ever-advancing resin printer market. But are the changes impactful? Let’s analyze how the Saturn S performs.

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Elegoo Saturn S Review:

Unboxing and First Impressions

Fresh out of the box, the Saturn S looks virtually identical to its precursor apart from the new “S” branding. Its industrial design echoes the rest of Elegoo’s printer lineup with a sturdy metal frame and downward facing UV LED array housed under a thick, opaque resin vat.

The Saturn S oozes quality and feels reassuringly solid thanks to high-end components like its dual lead screws and linear rails which enable smooth, precise Z-axis movements. Its ball-jointed print platform suspension is perfectly dialed in for leveling reliability too.

Accessories like scraping tools, vinyl gloves, resin funnels, hex keys, and backup screws are all neatly packaged and sufficient to get printing. Simply add a bottle of resin like Elegoo’s Standard Grey and you’re ready for action!

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Elegoo Saturn S Review: Unleashing the Saturn S

Setting up the Saturn S takes just minutes. After unboxing, peel off the protective screen and vat films, level the build plate, and load your sliced prints via USB stick.

The Saturn S uses the same superb two-screw leveling system as prior Elegoo printers. Just loosen the bolts, home the plate on a piece of paper, then re-tighten. So much easier than fiddling with knobs and reliably consistent too!

Also inherited from Elegoo’s past machines, the Saturn S is preloaded with ChiTuBox slicing software. It’s intuitive enough for beginners yet sufficiently featured for experienced users. Custom Saturn S profiles for various resins help optimize print settings.

While a single generic resin profile is provided, you can further dial in parameters like lift speed and exposure times for exotic materials. Lychee slicer is also fully supported now if you prefer its advanced features.


Elegoo Saturn S Review:

Chess Pieces

Like prior Elegoo printers, the Saturn S ships with an intricate rook chess piece model pre-sliced for its first test print. While certainly showing off the printer’s potential for intricate details, this popular model has a nasty tendency to fuse firmly to the build plate causing damage when prying it loose.

We prefer testing with more practical prints or pre supported miniatures from sites like MyMiniFactory. But it does produce eye-catching demo pieces for first-timers once safely removed!

75mm Lost Adventures Miniature

This 75mm fantasy warrior bust pushes the boundaries of the Saturn S with its wealth of surface textures from chainmail armour to flowing hair and fur pelts.

Printed tall in Siraya Fast Navy Grey resin, details like skulls embossed on the shield and sword plus the figure’s grim expression shine through beautifully with no visible layer lines.

Truly a showpiece for showing off the Saturn S’s resolution capabilities! The model’s presupported hollow design also conserved resin and reduced printing time.

Split Model Vehicle

Demonstrating the Saturn S’ large build volume, we packed its print platform tight with pieces of a detailed 6-wheeled LTV vehicle model by Loot Studios – no need to glue a bunch of smaller chunks post-print!

Thanks to the printer’s enhanced 210mm peak height, all sections printed successfully in a parallel 4 hour run. Everything aligned seamlessly after washing and curing too.

This really highlights the Saturn S’ potential for convenient batch production use. Print multiple small parts as fast as a single tall one!

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Elegoo Saturn S Review: Verdict

The Saturn S may only bring small enhancements over the legendary original Saturn but we believe this incremental upgrade still hits a sweet spot, retaining everything that made its precursor so beloved while judiciously augmenting key areas like build volume and print fumes.

It lacks trailblazing innovation but does deliver noticeable improvements owners will appreciate while keeping operation blissfully straightforward for newcomers. And at under $550, it remains alluringly affordable for a large format printer.

The Saturn S confidently carries the Saturn’s torch as a reliable, no-fuss workhorse print powerhouse. Just don’t expect bleeding edge revolution. This machine continues Elegoo’s tradition of refining already proven formulas rather than reinventing the wheel.

So if you adored the original Saturn or want an uncomplicated first resin printer with solid specs, the Saturn S easily earns our hearty recommendation! Elegoo has certainly earned our trust over the years.

That said, if you desire higher resolution or maximized build volumes, pricier alternatives like the Anycubic Mono X 6K may warrant consideration too. But nothing in its class surpasses the Saturn S’ balance of quality and affordability.


Elegoo Saturn vs Saturn S

Let’s directly compare the Saturn S to its spiritual forebear:

Screen and Resolution

The Saturn S gains a marginally larger 9.1” 4K mono LCD over the original Saturn’s 8.9” panel. This nets a minor 2 micron (48 vs 50) boost in XY resolution that won’t produce visibly smoother prints but every bit helps.

Build Volume

Both machines share similar footprints but the Saturn S reworked the gantry to add 10mm of height on the Z-axis, increasing overall build volume from 192 x 120 x 200 mm to 196 x 122 x 210 mm. Again, mostly minor gains.

Print Speed

Inexplicably, Elegoo claims the Saturn S prints twice as fast as the Saturn – potentially misleading new users. Our testing determined print times are comparable at identical settings. Speed varies more noticeably when tweaking slicer parameters.

New Integrated Air Filter

The Saturn S’ standout enhancement is its integrated active carbon filter that plugs into the printer to continuously purify fumes. A very welcome addition making resin printing safer and more pleasant!

So in summary – beyond the filter and slightly faster prints under tuned settings, improvements feel incremental rather than revolutionary. But the Saturn S solidifies the Saturn’s status as an exceptional, high-value 3D printer via careful refinement.


Elegoo Saturn S Review: Who Should Buy?

The Saturn S satisfyingly splits the difference between prosumer and budget categories. Novices will appreciate its simple operation while its large build volume caters to creators needing bigger prints.

Enthusiasts wanting an affordable step up from smaller format Elegoo machines like the Mars 3 will feel right at home with the Saturn S too. Its bigger vat enables printing larger scale models, busts and terrain pieces in one go without splitting.

Those doing rapid prototyping or tabletop gaming model production will love the Saturn S’ parallel printing potential as well. Batch multiple minis simultaneously!

Ultimately it makes an outstanding second printer for Elegoo Mars users thirsting to level up. And thanks to Elegoo’s exceptional community support, the Saturn series has tons of passionate fans happy to help new adopters should issues arise.

So if you feel the Saturn S fits your needs after this comprehensive guide, grab one today to start cranking out breathtaking prints! Just steer clear of the troublesome demo rook model…

To recap key points covered in this in-depth Saturn S guide:

  • Marginally larger 9.1” 4K mono LCD and 196 x 122 x 210mm build volume over original Saturn
  • Added integrated air filter dramatically improves print environment
  • Reliably consistent dual lead screw driven Z-axis with upgraded 10mm height clearance
  • Easy 2-bolt manual bed leveling returns for fuss-free first layer calibration
  • LCD resolution improved to 48 microns but no huge gains in print quality visible
  • Upgraded resin vat fitted with hardier FEP 2.0 film
  • Production-ready for parallel printing multiples parts on full build plate
  • Perfect for creators needing Saturn quality but more print real estate
  • Retains Elegoo hallmarks like robustness, community and value

We hope you found this guide helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments! And remember to check our Youtube channel for more Elegoo printer tips, tricks and reviews. Happy printing!

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